The reason why Dieting is not enough to have a dream body is because it is for a short period of time. It only works till the time you are dieting. The moment you let go away of the diet you are following, you are prone to gain more weight and have diseases you are unaware of. So if you want to achieve your dream body, you need to quit on the term called dieting. And start eating healthy instead.

There are so many diets used for weight loss for achieving a dreamer body like the fad diet, low carb diet, soup diet, keto diet, weight loss diets, vegetarian diets etc., But all these diets are temporary causing far more side effects than regular eating. The reason why people gain more weight is the loss of muscle and fat during dieting with the addition of fat. So the solution to  this problem is to have an healthy life style which is balanced with Aerobic exercises and rightly weight training programs to make up for the toning of muscle and removal of additional fat in specific areas.

Some of the elements that are needed by our body to properly function are missed out when we opt for dieting. I will mention a few in the following paragraphs along with the impact of dieting on our bodies.

We need Calories to carry out our day to day activities. A calorie along with their source of derivation is important. Our health problems may be on the rise if we are not careful about the consumption of calorie intake. Dieting makes us feel weak and tired all the time by decreasing our level of blood sugar. The dropping of our sugar level can lead to fainting and in extreme cases to unconsciousness.

Secondly,Carbohydrates too are needed for carrying out physical activities. They have a lot of health benefits such as boosting the brain, reducing risk of cancer, improving sleep pattern, metabolism, regulating weight loss etc.

While dieting we must be aware of the good carbohydrates found in rice, corn, cereal which can be consumed in small amounts and the amount bad carbohydrates found in sugary drinks and some of the dairy products that need to be eliminated from our diet to make it healthier.

Thirdly, Dieting reduces our intake of Fibers which is necessary for low cholesterol and protects us from constipation. Fibers are a great source of food found in whole wheat grain ,fruits, vegetables, nuts etc., During dieting we may not be having nuts or beans or even pulses to make up for the fiber intake leading us towards constipation and stomach issues.

And Lastly, while on a diet, we need to take small portions of food having Proteins in them. Proteins play a critical role in the body. They not only act as an antibody, enzymes or even as structural component etc., in the body but are required for the structure, function, and regulation of the body’s tissues and organs.

So, we reach the conclusion that mere dieting without the consumption of healthy foods that are needed for a dream body can only be achieved if consumed in a balanced way. If you want to have a positive change in your life and achieve a dream body; you need to stop dieting and starving yourself. Starvation will only adversely affect your body, bringing no positive results. Start eating a healthy diet with a variety of food options along with the number of calorie count derived from food ingredients. A small amount of all necessary vitamins, minerals, fruits, nuts   and vegetables, natural and organic needs to be consumed.

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