The Search for I/Me, where Reality versus Individuality is the most painful chapter of human existence. When we come into this world, we are accepted as Individuals with open arms irrespective of our Genders or the attitude we may form in the later years of our life.This not only alters our individuality but tends to make us a cog ,strangled in Reality altogether.

As we grow older our personality starts taking the shape formulated by other people opinions/family/relatives/ society etc. In this whole process the word, I/Me/Individuality is lost in the abyss giving power to Reality of bonds. We become what other wants us to become. Some people accept this as their fate whereas others whom the society calls by such names as rebels, stereotypes, black sheep or even as vagabonds do not accept this fate.

Today, I aim to talk about such people as to who are they in actual /Reality. How much reality is there in the phrase Reality versus Individuality.This blog is based on my observations and experience.

Firstly,According to my observations,these people are no vagabonds. They are as much as you and me but with a slightly different lens to view the world. They are the real people for they are simple, honest, truthful and take the world as it is. I would un hesitantly say that they are as pure and innocent as babies.

Secondly, they are never accepted for who they are. They have to fight all their life to make people understand them and to accept who they are. I would not call such people stereotypes. They are like visionaries who look a step forward which common people cannot see. More or less they are  like people born out of  their time. History is full with examples of such people who were born in the wrong place, in the wrong time then and even in the present times.

Thirdly, they have a yearning, a thirst to be felt needed, wanted and be loved and owned by their family. Here too, they are out cased and thrown in front of the selfish world like some lunatic to learn lessons and behave according to the family desires and thinking. These people need to be recognized and be brought up according to their needs and thinking.

Fourthly, parents need to update themselves according to the latest technology,  training’s and psychological patterns of human behavior in order to let their children be who they want to be. Turning down their thoughts and creativity paralyses them for life. Try to put yourself in their shoes and sense how it feels to shun ones right to liberty, thought, experimenting with things a child/adult thinks important to him. How can they fly if you as parents cut their wings?

Fifthly, they are strangled in the bond of acceptance from family. Further , when they move into family life, they are strangled into another bond of relationship. This relationship be it fruitful or fruitless has to continue in the name of what people may say or parents won’t accept you. Either, the life is ended by remaining bonded with the burdened relationship or one achieves ultimate freedom. It all depends how sound you are in terms of survival.

Sixth, while going through all the processes, one is manipulated according to the situation; yes that applies to all of us. We are molded through trial and experience and turn out to be what we are. But the stereotypes are the ones who come out as gems. They are the ones who truly show who they are. They are the ones who change people around them. They take the pains of people as their own, distributing smiles along the way, living a pauper life yet ready to give whatever they have especially their goodness of heart and time.


In the end, I would like to say that we are no one to judge who is a vagabond or a stereotype. We all come with a purpose to serve. Some find that purpose earlier yet others spent all their lives to find that purpose strangled in various forms. And during that journey we may hurt many through our actions but that does not mean we do not love them or care any less for them. It is just that we are as naive as they are and are struggling to co exist. As Roy T. Bennett,

            The outer world is a reflection of the inner world. Other people’ perception of you is a reflection of them; your response to them is an awareness of you.



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