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Have you ever had the feeling of being unacceptable for the way you look? About your changed body, about your existence, I have it every day.

Today, I will give you another insight into a married woman’s life and the role people play in her day-to-day life. So let’s start.

A girl/woman goes through many phases before she is accepted to be someone’s life partner. The real test starts after the marriage.

However, she makes so many compromises and sacrifices to make an ideal marriage. She is always lurking on the edge to make it work.

Sometimes even fighting with the insecurities she might face. So, everyone has their own monsters/battles to fight.

I fight my battles every day with the acidic people in my surroundings who keep on reminding me about the way I look.

And the weight I have put on, the spots I have on my face, and whatnot. How do I deal with them? I will tell you shortly.

A question for the sensible people out there. Does being married to a girl /woman who is beautiful before marriage put a tag around her neck of being sold to you?

You got it right. She is married and not sold to you. Being beautiful from the outside forever is not a guarantee that you sign in your marriage contract.

However, the marriage contract does not say that apparent beauty cannot expire. It may expire soon or late but what won’t expire is that what lies inside her/you/me.

Women and their bodies change at an incredible speed after childbirth. Does that mean they have left their inner beauty? Not at all.

Then why do husbands fail to see it? Their only concern is the outside beauty. I have seen women kill themselves to get their pre-pregnancy bodies back.

Seriously, how good is the outside physique if it is being rotten bit by bit by your(husband’s) acidic remarks.

Physical beauty might be a small part of a relationship but for sensible people, it is not even that factor. In Pakistan, most people marry for looks, wealth, and all that sparkle.

Virtuous women don’t look for these things in a husband. They need husbands who can respect them and accept them, cherish them, no matter how ugly they might become.

Physical beauty https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Physical_attractiveness is a factor that needs to be eliminated in marriages and there is a dire need to change the mindset of the majority.

In a changed body; this is the height of sacrifice, a woman makes to complete the family; knowing she may or may not come back to her normal self/physical state, but she is ready to take the risk.

Both my pregnancies were difficult ones. At my daughter’s birth, I had shooting blood pressure and had to go for a C-section.

Similarly, at my son’s birth, I had borderline, Diabetics. So, I had another C-section.

Now, I have neither Diabetics nor blood pressure but have a changed body along with the most beautiful kids in my life who are my pillars of strength.

I am not embarrassed by the way I look. I have been blessed with what people will give millions to have.

I live every day for them as they are my strength. I might be many people’s strength but my strength lies in their smiles, their wishes, their joys, and the people I love, etc.,

Anyone can survive acidic husbands if they have strengths in their lives. These strengths can be in the form of good friends, colleagues, sisters, brothers, aunts, acquaintances, followers, etc.,

In a changed body, here is where I exist. I have a wonderful audience who waits to read about what essence I have to share with them.

Those who can draw so many lessons from a single or multitudes of lives. Who make me go on in my endeavors to bring good around me.

So much so help me stay positive and on the right track. Thanks for being my pillars of strength.https://www.sabahataamir.com/body-size-does-n…ock-good-clothes/


In the end, I would like to say to all husbands out there to cherish their wives. Life is too short to waste on exchanging acidic remarks. Live each day as it is your last day.

Don’t accumulate bad memories to regret when time slips away from the hands

Think about it. Until next time, stay safe and healthy.

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Hello Folks!


What do you think is the most difficult thing to do in life? I know, you too will be thinking of the same thing. It is Catharsis. So, today, I aim at talking about catharsis and how to deal with it. So, let’s start.


Every one of us now and then has to face the music in one or the other form. Real success is how you as an individual deal with it. Most of our pains come from our core family as compared to the outside world.


These are the pains that torment our entire being in and out. What matters at the end is how we pull through the stress and torment.


It is a sorry state of affairs when one sees blood relations turning against you on the account of finances especially when you serve the treasure as the most honest being.


Money can undoubtedly turn a friend to a foe and blood relations to your worse enemies. As an individual, I have seen and heard people killing their sacrosanct relatives for the love of money.


The more you have it, the less you think about the feelings and pains of the other.


Those of you who have a less amount of money, be contented with it, and don’t ask for more because you have not seen the worst it can bring out of you.


And even if you do ask for it, never forget from where you started; as a reminder always help us in achieving ultimate goals and making us realize who our real well-wishers are.


Always rely on your sole self without looking at the hands of other people. During your life journey, you may come across many good people. Be welcoming to them and accept them for you never know they might be more truthful then your blood relations.


And rely on your capabilities and the help of God. For all happens in this life and the hereafter at His will.


The trapped emotions and pain can only find their way out in the form of Catharsis. Now it’s up to you how you make way for it. The most productive way is to let it out in the form of tears.


All your sorrows and pain will be out in no time and you will feel lighter.


Also, talk to someone you trust. Someone who is a good listener. Someone who knows you and can understand your emotions and pain. Not everyone wants to know your pain.


Some will share your pain but will want something in return. Be aware of the kind. You might be walking in a dead-end before you know it.


Crying, my friends is not a weakness. It only shows that you are a human and can feel the bullshit of people.


So whenever, you can’t handle the pressure just let tears trickle down your cheeks and let it out.


You should always know that there is no power greater than God Himself. Revert to Him. He will answer your prayers and pay you in the most unexpected forms.


Think about it. Until next time, stay safe and Healthy.


Happy Reading!




Hello Folks!

In our day to day schedules, have you ever yearned of taking a day off?/taking a break. And then thinking about the chores to do simply have dropped the idea. Well, here I am today to discuss with you a few tips on having both the pleasures of work and fun.

Firstly, you need to understand that work and taking a break can both work side by side. You must be wondering, How is that possible? Well, nothing is impossible if you ask me. It’s all about time management.

Think about the daily hours you have in a day. Make a list of things that you do on that particular day. Now, start allocating time for each task. You will be surprised to see how much spare time you have in a day.

Secondly, allocate an ample amount of time for the things you love to do. Make it a habit to follow it consistently. When you keep on doing the thing, it will become a habit.

Thirdly, you can take a break by engaging yourself in some form of meditation. It will not only improve your concentration levels but will also give you utter satisfaction.

Fourthly, working and sitting all day long will turn most of us into potatoes and if you are a fitness freak, you won’t want people to call you a potato once normal situation prevails outside. So time to get up and do some walking.

Fifthly, Health is wealth. Besides, walking,  a healthy diet too will prevent you from gaining extra weight and develop unknown diseases. Take a break and go to the kitchen and make some interesting yet healthy food.

Sixth, after working for a couple of hours, you can distract yourself by picking up your phone and chatting a little with your friends, family, and people who are your well-wishers. However, you should have the time in front of you so you don’t overdo it.

Seventh, while working, you can do certain stretches while sitting in your work chair or bed or any other place of comfort. Just 5 to 10-minute stretches will do the trick.

Eighth, sometimes it’s better to change your position. You can stand up and do your work. It will save you from a lot of backache problems in the future.

Ninth, whenever you have time, take a power nap. It always helps. Or you can take out some puzzles or crosswords or mind teasers. You will feel like a new being altogether.

Lastly, take out some time and enjoy nature. The hustling sound of the trees, the whispering of the wind, the melodious chirping of the birds, and the changing skies are all forms that positively elevate the mood.

In the end, I would like to say that sometimes it’s best not to do anything at all or doing everything but in small quantities without damaging oneself.

To be happy in life, live in the present without worrying about the future. Accept and be grateful for what you have. And think about those whose lives you are affecting through the contribution you are making either consciously or unconsciously.

Think about it. Life is too short to be unhappy. Spread smiles along the way and be a beacon of communication to all.

Until next time, stay safe and healthy.

Happy Reading!