Hello folks!

We all know that parents are the founding stones in every child’s life be it good or bad. What matters at the end of the day is how we pay them back.

Today, I aim at talking, about doing something special for your fathers, on Father’s Day in lockdown. So let’s begin.

The first thing that you can do to make their day special is to express your love for them. This you can do by making them hand made cards. A card that is made with love and true heart feelings is worth a million-dollar gift.

The second thing that you can do to make father’s day special is to pamper them all day. Who doesn’t like being pampered even if it is for one day? As a practice, we all need to pamper them always.

The third thing you can do to make Father day special is to prepare a home-cooked meal consisting of their favorites. They might have a sweet tooth or have a liking for some special savory. You can always plan regarding the dishes you want to make.

The fourth thing you can do to make their day special is to pick up some of their favorite movies and watch with him on multimedia. Make it a day for him to remember.

The fifth thing you can do to make their day special is to connect him to other family members via a virtual call so everyone can be with him in his hour of enjoyment.

The sixth thing you can do to make Father day special in lockdown is to reassure them of your being present whenever they need you, especially in these times.

And lastly, let go of all the ill feelings you might have associated with your life. Have a big heart. Remember your childhood and their affection and love for you in that time.

Hard feelings always come back in times to come in the form of new generations. What you sow, shall you reap. So if you want to lead a happy, healthy life, it’s a good time to mend your relations with your alive parents.

Think about it.

Until next time, stay safe and healthy.







Serves: 12


flour 1 cup

baking powder 1+1/2 tsp

salt a pinch

sugar 2/3 cup

cocca powder 1/3 cup

chocolate chips/white chocolate  A handful

milk 1/4 cup or yogurt

eggs 2 large size

oil or Margarine 250gms or 1/2 cup


cup cake dish or tray and spatula



Take a bowl and sift flour and baking powder in it.

Then take another bowl and beat eggs in it for 5 minutes.

Then add sugar,milk,cocoa powder,salt and oil to the mixture.

Now add the sifted flour in the mixture.You can either use a spatula or mixer to mix all the ingredients till they form a consistency.

In the end mix the chocolate chips in the mixure.

Now, put themixture 1 -2 scoops in each brownie shaped mould

Since you have already pre heated the oven to 180 degree,place the tray on the center rack and bake it for 15 to 20 min

After 20 min,prick the cup cakes with a tooth pick or fork ,if the prick comes out dry,it means the brownie is done.

Now , place the rack out in a cool place so that the cup cakes /brownie cools.

When it is cooled, you can either enjoy it as it is or drizzle some chocolate syrup on it or even inject some liquid chocolate in it.

A moment of utter yum …..

Happy Eating.