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We have often heard the phrase, All that glitter is not gold. Today, I aim at analyzing this phrase. So let’s start. Below are pieces of evidence of what I have witnessed on a one to one basis.

I reached out to the Integrated Health Services (IHS) to hire a Nurse and an attendant to meet the medical needs of my father. I had heard a lot of good things from the people who hired their services.

Frankly, if you are only hiring attendants from them, you are going to be 100 percent satisfied. The two attendants that I hired are real professionals serving the needs of my father.

However, the nurses that they sent in the name of professionals were crap and nothing near to a professional nurse. The first nurse (Sarfraz) that was sent for my father caused the infection to him in passing the catheter.

As a result of his unprofessional service, we had to rush my father to the emergency where he urinated blood through the catheter to relieve him from the retention.

Instead of being sorry for his actions, instead, he tried to blame my father that he had tried to pull out and the IHS tried to put a cover on the person and put the matter under the carpet.

The second time they sent another nurse(Muhammad Husnain) qualifying him too, as a professional. I kept on telling the organization that the person they have sent again is a student and not a professional nurse but they weren’t ready to listen.

I kept on observing him check out his professionalism but he too was nothing more than a quack. He did not know how to make an injection or read the meds name or even fill insulin.

A professional nurse would know the difference between giving 6 unit insulin and 60 unit insulin. Had I, not known how to fill insulin and the required amount to be given, my father would have gone into a coma.

I was shocked to see his unprofessional attitude and was greatly awed by just thinking about what would these people do in places where the old family members ate exclusively dependant on these nurses.

However, the last thing which I was not expecting he would do was to remove my father’s catheter. I was extremely upset and frustrated at his attitude.

 I had called the nurse from a nearby hospital to pass the catheter. He was saved from the demise we faced earlier at the hands of the nurse, Sarfraz.

I called the organization and talked to their coordinator Haroon and brought the event to his notice but as usual, he denied saying that the other coordinator Sadiq called the nurse and asked him why had he done such a thing?

The male nurse instead of admitting his mistake said that the family had permitted him and the old member himself told to remove the catheter. Seriously, a person who has Dementia, would you do what he is saying?

You are intelligent to do the calculation yourself, my friends. In the end, I would like to say that even if you hire attendants or nurses for your parents, do ensure your supervisory role instead of trusting them 100 percent.


Regretfully, very few organizations in true spirit serve humanity in spirit and letter.

Parents are an asset. Don’t leave them at the mercy of anyone. Think about the times when you were in their place and what they did for you. Life is a cycle. What you do today will eventually come back to you.

Think about it. Until next time, stay safe and healthy.

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It was a cold winter morning like any other winter mornings. I sat off to my morning walk in a nearby park. After having done one cycle of walk, I saw a young boy of 12 or so years standing by the side, wearing no cardigan or the sort that could keep him warm in that chilly winter. I asked him to join me in my walk so he might get a little warmer. So he did.

Just as we started walking, he started telling me things which were at the top of his mind. One of the foremost was earning a livelihood. He kept on talking on different topics. And all this time, I listened to him. People walking, jogging in the park would turn around to see who was talking. I let him do most of the talking except where my speaking was necessary.

We had a good walk of 30 to 40 minutes. He was warm enough. I knew what he was there for and that’s what I gave him. He needed someone he could talk to without judging him or looking into his life making him miserable than he already was. This continued for a couple of months. Every day, he would share something new and I would listen to him and he would end his walk with Thanks.

After sometime, I met him in the park again. This time, he was dressed according to the weather and was very happy. He thanked me and told me that he took my advice of educating himself along with learning and mastering a skill he was good at.

He used to play football in the same park, I used to walk in. His hard work, did bring him laurels. He was selected in the local football team and with his hard work he will surely, one day make it to the International team. I was very happy for him.

Sometimes, it is better just to listen to what people have to say rather than imposing one thoughts  onto them. We do not have the answer to everything .All we can do, in our capacity is to make them feel comfortable so they can share a fragment of their lives with you. And you in return by just listening to them can make a change.

We as human beings are bestowed with a great many gifts and capabilities yet we are unaware of them. If we could just try to focus on the now instead of giving our self away to the future, we can all make a change in small or big way. Our small gesture of consideration might be a big change in the eyes or life of the other.  One never knows..

In the end, I would like to say that our now can become our future if we stay on the right course and be pretentious free. Sometimes, people and things just come out of the blue. Have an open heart and mind to receive them and do not forget to listen to them. And if you are not comfortable with ones thoughts try staying away.

Happy Reading.