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We all know that parents are the founding stones in every child’s life, whether good or bad. What matters at the end of the day is how we pay them back in the good sense, obviously.

Today, I aim at talking, about doing something special for your fathers, on Father’s Day. So let’s begin.


The first thing that you can do to make their day special is to express your love for them. This you can do by making them handmade cards. A card that is made with love and true heart feelings is worth a million-dollar gift.

Or you can even make shapes in the grains of tea and show them your love.


The second thing that you can do to make father’s day special is to pamper them all day. Who doesn’t like being pampered even if it is for one day? As a practice, we all need to pamper them always.


The third thing you can do to make Father day special is to prepare a home-cooked meal consisting of their favorites. They might have a sweet tooth or have a liking for some special savory. You can always plan regarding the dishes you want to make.


The fourth thing you can do to make their day special is to pick up some of their favorite movies and watch them with them on multimedia. Make it a day for him to remember.


The fifth thing you can do to make their day special is to connect him to other family members via a virtual call so everyone can be with him in his hour of enjoyment.


The sixth thing you can do to make Father day special is to reassure them of your being present whenever they need you, especially in these times/old times.


And lastly, let go of all the ill feelings you might have associated with your life. Have a big heart. Remember your childhood and their affection and love for you in that time.

Hard feelings always come back in times to come in the form of new generations. What you sow, shall you reap. So if you want to lead a happy, healthy life, it’s a good time to mend your relations with your alive parents.

Think about it.

Until next time, stay safe and healthy.







Hello Folks!

Have you ever wondered about the secrets that lie in poverty? Well, today, I am going to talk about all the good there is, in being poor. So, let’s start.


Firstly, most people associate the poor with not having the necessities of life or not having the standard of a comfortable living. Whatever the criteria out there, there is much more to this definition.

According to my personal observation, I have met many families who by their backgrounds are landlords but are still poor. This does not mean they do not have a comfortable standard of living. They live a life that is comfortable to them.


Secondly, in comparison to urban lives, where comfortable living means a house in a posh area, a salary in six digits, sending children to elite schools where parents can boost with their acquaintances about their accomplishments. This is not the case with rural lives.

The rural people are contented with what they have and have no desire to look beyond that.


Thirdly, their poverty has a meaning. Something the urban world cannot understand. This meaning is their basic instinct of survival and ethical values which is rarely found in urban life. And it often comes as a shock to the ones living in urban life.


Fourthly, when one is poor, one is beyond the concept of material things which makes life a living hell if someone possesses it. Let me explain How? See, if you own a car or house or even bank balance, you’ll always be in the fear of keeping it safe and buying more things to keep it safe.

On the other hand, if you don’t have material pursuits other than the self, you don’t have to worry about anything, other than keeping yourself sacred and safeguarded.


Fifthly, I have heard and seen people categorizing, a village person as paindo for keeping cattle and hens whereas a city life person modern for keeping dogs and cats and making them a brand. If a rural person is that paindo, then why drink the milk and eat dairy products from his cattles or hen? Why not drink the milk of their cats and dogs?


Sixthly, if you want to experience love at its extreme, true nature, go and explore the villagers or people belonging to rural life. You will know the meaning of true love. You can’t find true love sitting over social media. You need to go out, meet people, like minded people and experience it.


Seventhly, poverty teaches all of us the meaning of true friendships that are everlasting. Though it may take a lifetime to find such friendships. However, good judgement and trust too can help one in achieving those friendships easily.


And Lastly, Poverty teaches us the passion to dream, to thrive, to do things differently, yet with great determination and consistency. This is something found more in rural people who are down to earth and have the desire to rise above their means as and when needed.

However, not all rural people can possess all qualities or faults. Sometimes we find a mix in both rural and urban life. It is just a matter of exploring the right path. Think about it. Until next time stay safe and healthy.

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Hello Folks!

Have you ever wondered, what would the world be like if happiness didn’t exist at all? Well, I have thought about it many times and today I will lay my emphasis on it. So let’s start.

To begin with, no one really can describe happiness in concrete terms. It is more of a feeling associated with all living beings. Happiness is just like our body temperature which makes us feel different things and analyze them according to the rise and fall in temperature.

For me, no world can exist without happiness. Happiness is one of the elements that make our existence possible. How? You must be wondering. Well, you see, our life is made up of so many elements; pain, sorrow, weakness, downtrodden, pessimism, tragedy, etc.

What elevates us out of this is the illumination of joy, happiness. Just the thought about this illumination puts a smile on our faces. This is Happiness. Who can even think of the possibility of having a world without happiness?

Keeping in view, the death toll and the disease that is prevailing nowadays, still there is hope, a desire to see the good old days and get back to life. This is what happiness gives us.

If we imagine the possibility of having a world without happiness, it is even impossible to comprehend it. Happiness doesn’t require a fortune or even wealth. It is rather the contentment of having what you have at present.

The satiety of being comfortable with whatever means that is available, along with good health and a loving family around is sufficient. You don’t need anything else.

Think of a dying man. His wealth is not going to give him health or love rather it is the investment of time he has done all his life that is going to pay him off at this stage and that my friend is the everlasting happiness for him.

In the end, I would like to add that a world where no happiness exists can either be Hell or lifelessness. We live in a living world made of people, nature, hope, happiness, joy, play, and consciousness.

And till the time these elements are around, we don’t have to worry about the world with no happiness. Think about it. Until next time, stay safe and healthy.

Happy Reading!




Hello Folks!


Today is my day. And to my readers, I want to give you the best. So today, I will share with you the 10 best ways to celebrate women’s day. So let’s start.


The first best way to celebrate women day is to make the woman of your life feel special; be it wife, daughter, sister, daughter, mother, lover, friend, etc., Let them feel the love you feel for them and that can only happen when you can express yourself.


The second best way to celebrate women’s day is to involve men in your celebrations. After all, there are good men everywhere who share our dreams and ideas and passion with the same zeal and zest as we do. So, don’t miss this opportunity and let them be a part of this celebration.


The third best way to celebrate women’s day is to take a stand be it small or big. Every step is worth counting for. Without a pinch of salt, even the best culinary can’t be prepared. So be firm and don’t leave your stance as you are on the right path.


The fourth best way to celebrate women’s day is to plan a trip to an exhibition of a female artist in your support of the contribution women are making across the world.


The fifth best way to celebrate women’s day is to participate in an open talk via a webinar or if the situation prevails attend an event that focuses on the contribution of women in the past and now.


The sixth best way to celebrate women’s day is to tell an inspirational untold story of a girl or woman that inspired you and made you change your beliefs as a woman.


The seventh-best way to celebrate women’s day is to take another woman in your circle or family for some shopping to elevate their morals. It’s a busy world where we have made ourselves so busy that we have stopped giving time to those who matter the most to us.


So take advantage of this time and day and make the best out of it.


The eighth best way to celebrate women’s day is to be true to yourself and others around you. Do people admire you for who you are? what are your ideas and how you live a meaningful life that impacts others? So be true to yourself and carry that image forward.


The ninth-best way to celebrate women’s day is to challenge yourself and start promoting business entrepreneurs who are women. It’s the least you can do but it will go a long way. Leave the feelings of professional jealousies aside and promote your fellows wherever you can.


And the tenth best way is to live each day as if there would not be another day. Be happy and deliver this happiness all around you. Think about it.


Until next time stay safe, happy, and healthy.


Happy Women Day!






Hello Folks!

Have you ever wondered even parents, too can commit serious crimes in the name of Parenting?

Today, I will share with you what are the things that give birth to Flawed Parenting? So, let’s start.

Firstly, as a parent, it is our responsibility to give the best products to the community in the form of children who will make the future generations.

And in doing this, we need to be very strict in terms of the values that we are imparting.

Secondly, while imparting the core values of love, respect, honesty, care, help, etc, are we as parents observing the same thing? If not, then we should know how the product would be.

Another thing that adds to flawed parenting is the emotions of jealously, love, hate, pain, etc.

These are natural emotions and some emotions need to be subsided to have the best product but if as parents, you try to cover up their mischiefs, you are committing a crime and giving rise to flawed parenting.

Fourthly, actions have repercussions. Any mistake that is committed and tried to be concealed leads to crimes of grave nature.

To prevent such crimes, own up these mistakes and teach your children the same.

Fifthly, as a parent, you might be successful in preventing your children from a small incident but in the longer run, it will only make your child insecure and fearful.

Children who face bullying or are treated weak and told to be strong often turn out to be stronger than the bullies in the long run.

They are not bullies but are the real fighters and that is the real product the world needs.

It is my humble request to all parents who think covering up for a child will benefit him or her is grievously wrong in doing so.

You are turning them into a monster who thinks can get away with anything. But in the long run, such monsters are always crushed by their own benefactors.

Think about it before it is too late.

Until next time, stay safe and healthy.

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Hello Folks!

With the year 2020, coming to an end, many of us have many important thoughts, pieces of advice, and flashbacks to share. Today, I aim to share a few Flashbacks of 2020, with you. So let’s start.

The year, 2020, started with great aspirations and a pre-planned, mode of action to be implemented, for the year through but Nature had something else in mind. All aspirations and pre-planned things took a new course altogether leading to another New year.

Secondly, everyone witnessed new transformations in the way. Some optimistic yet some pessimistic; overall helping us all through difficult times.

Thirdly, the year 2020, turned out to be an eye-opener even for the Pharaohs of time. Never think of yourself as a sole power; there is one from whom no one can escape.

Fourthly, a Flashback on 2020 reiterates that nothing in this world is permanent. You will have it now and the next moment it will elapse from the hands like quicksand. Such has been the lives of many near and dear ones in the time of COVID.

Fifthly, 2020, taught many of us that true friendships are rare. Mostly, people are here for their own gains and benefits. Only a few will see eye to eye with your passions and concerns.

Sixth, invest your time and energy with your loved ones; for you will never get the chance once gone. Cherish them, embrace them and tell them that you love them and miss the times you spent together.

Life will go on the usual way it used to but you will not have them between you, in your lives to tell them how much you miss them.

Seventhly, take out time for those who you know not and invest time in them. Be it charity work or just a call. Your positive behavior matters to them.

In the end, I would like to say that there is only one life; value it and value those who love you and care about you. There is no rewind button. So cherish every moment and be a better version of yourself with each passing day.

Think about it. Until next time, stay safe and healthy.

Happy Reading!





Hello Folks!

Have you ever had the feeling of being unacceptable for the way you look? About your changed body. I have it every day.

Today, I will give you another insight into a married woman’s life and the role people play in her day-to-day life. So let’s start.

A girl/woman goes through many phases before she is accepted to be someone’s life partner. The real test starts after the marriage.

However, she makes so many compromises and sacrifices to make an ideal marriage. She is always lurking on the edge to make it work.

Sometimes even fighting with the insecurities she might face. So, everyone has its own monsters/battles to fight.

I fight my battles every day with the acidic people in my surroundings who keep on reminding me about the way I look.

And the weight I have put on, the spots I have on my face, and whatnot. How do I deal with them? I will tell you shortly.

A question for the sensible people out there. Does being married to a girl /woman who is beautiful before marriage put a tag around her neck of being sold to you?

You got it right. She is married and not sold to you. Being beautiful from the outside forever is not a guarantee that you sign in your marriage contract.

However, the marriage contract does not say that the apparent beauty cannot expire. It may expire soon or late but what won’t expire is that what lies inside her/you/me.

Women and their bodies change at an incredible speed after childbirth. Does that mean they have left their inner beauty? Not at all.

Then why do husbands fail to see it? Their only concern is the outside beauty. I have seen women kill themselves to get their pre-pregnancy bodies back.

Seriously, how good is the outside physique if it is being rotten bit by bit by your(husband’s) acidic remarks.

Physical beauty might be a small part of a relationship but for sensible people, it is not even that factor. In Pakistan, most people marry for looks, wealth, and all that sparkle.

Virtuous women don’t look for these things in a husband. They need husbands who can respect them and accept them, cherish them, no matter how ugly they might become.

Physical beauty is a factor that needs to be eliminated in marriages and there is a dire need to change the mindset of the majority.

To me, this is the height of sacrifice, a woman makes to complete the family; knowing she may or may not come back to her normal self/physical state, but she is ready to take the risk.

Both my pregnancies were difficult ones. At my daughter’s birth, I had shooting blood pressure and had to go for a C-section.

Similarly, at my son’s birth, I had borderline, Diabetics. So, I had another C-section.

Now, I have neither Diabetics nor blood pressure but have a changed body along with the most beautiful kids in my life who are my pillars of strength.

I am not embarrassed by the way I look. I have been blessed with what people will give millions to have.

I live every day for them as they are my strength. I might be many people’s strength but my strength lies in their smiles, their wishes, their joys, and the people I love, etc.,

Anyone can survive acidic husbands if they have strengths in their lives. These strengths can be in the form of good friends, colleagues, sisters, brothers, aunts, acquaintances, followers, etc.,

In a changed body, here is where I exist. I have a wonderful audience who waits to read about what essence I have to share with them.

Those who can draw so many lessons from a single or multitudes of lives. Who make me go on in my endeavors to bring good around me.

So much so help me stay positive and on the right track. Thanks for being my pillars of strength.


In the end, I would like to say to all husbands out there to cherish your wives. Life is too short to waste on exchanging acidic remarks. Live each day as it is your last day.

Don’t accumulate bad memories to regret when time slips away from the hands

Think about it. Until next time, stay safe and healthy.

Happy Reading Folks!