Hello Folks!

I often feel happy when I see a smiling face/Happy Children. Have you ever wondered the reason behind a smiling face? Today, I aim to discuss the reasons behind a smiling face. So, let’s start.

The first reason behind a smiling face/happy children is a conducive environment. Children are prone to be happier when they have happy parents.

Parents who are cribbing and fighting all the time may not have happy children.

The second reason behind a smiling face/happy children depends on the amount of time you are willing to invest in your children. Growing up children require more of your time and attention.

As parents, if you want to see them smiling and happy, start sowing the seed from this moment. So you can enjoy the fruit in the future.

The third reason behind a smiling face/happy children is the availability of choices in life. The more you as a parent are open to options for your children, the happier are the children.

The results depend on you, my friend.

The fourth reason behind a smiling face / happy children is to listen to your children patiently. They are curious by nature. At times they will pose you questions that will blow your head off.

No need to be mad at them, listen to them with patience, and try to answer their questions. It will only strengthen your bond with them. Children need the surety, who to come to when they are in need.

And that’s what you want. Right.

The fifth reason behind smiling faces/happy children is understanding your children. There are all types of children; easy going, medium and difficult ones. You need to understand their requirements and act according to their nature.

That my friend is called parenting.

The sixth reason behind smiling faces/ happy children is how you reward them when they make you happy. What matters is your response to their achievement not what you give them.

They are children. They can be happy with just a hug or applause or candy. You do not have to burden yourself financially to show them you are happy with them.

Big rewards, you may want to save for big occasions such as Birthdays or family get together or promotion or even Christmas.

And Lastly, Value their friends as you value your children. Do keep an open eye on their company, talk about their friends, and do try to establish contact with their parents.

In the end, I would like to say that all children are born with a smiling face. It is we who alone can turn them into monsters. We need to curtail the monsters in our being and let them have a happier childhood and a smiling future.

Think about it before it is too late.

Stay safe and healthy until next time.

Happy Reading!







Serves: 24




Eggs 02 (room temperature)

cream of tartar 1/4 tsp (for stabilizing the eggs)/lemon juice/vinegar (white)

sugar  1 cup

a pinch of salt

vanilla essence 1tsp


color red, yellow, etc.,

candy, marshmallow, nuts




preheat it to 94 degrees or 200 F




Electric Mixer, hand whisk or a balloon whisk, glass bowl or steel no plastic bowl, piping bag with flower nozzle, parchment paper or lining, Rectangular tray




Take the egg whites and place them in a clean wide glass bowl. Now put salt, vanilla essence, and the cream of tartar in it and mix it with an electric mixer at a low speed.


Then start adding sugar in small amounts (1Tblsp) in the mixture. Remember to keep the speed of the mixer at 1 or 2 levels in the beginning and gradually increase the speed.


We are making meringues and not cake. The patient we are in the process stage, the better would be our results.


Keep on whisking and adding sugar till you can see the mixture forming peaks and is thick and foamy as we have in Mc. Donald’s ice cream. You would simply like to eat it raw.


Now, it is totally up to you to either use a piping bag or a nozzle to make flower shape meringues or simply drop 2 teaspoons of the mixture on the parchment paper-lined in the tray.


Leave a small space between the meringues.


As you have already heated the oven to 94 degrees, place the tray on the center rack.


Now, bake the meringues for 1 hour till they are pale golden in color and easy to lift off the lining.


For ideal use, leave them overnight in the switched off or turned off oven with the door ajar to cool.


You can decorate them in the morning. They are soft from the inside and crunchy on the outer side.


Anyone can make it with no expertise required.


If you want, you can either use whipped cream by putting vanilla essence in it and sandwich two Meringues back to back


or you can simply dip them in the cream and coat them either with nuts or crushed candy and marshmallows.


It’s a complete festivity for all your happy occasions.




Some of you might not like the smell of egg whites so while whisking your eggs, you can add a teaspoon of vanilla essence in it.


Secondly, always start from a lesser quantity, then build-up on your results. First, try with 2 eggs then 4 and so on.


Thirdly, do not give up on anything especially baking as practice makes one perfect.


Happy Eating!