Hello Folks!

I have often come across parents who complain that their children do not participate in sports at all.

Today, I am going to talk about the benefits of sports and why sports needs to be inculcated in children? So let’s start.

Sport is an activity that involves physical exertion of an individual or team carried out for the mere purpose of entertainment or competition.

Secondly, sports inculcates a lot of positive character traits in children of all age groups.

Such traits go a long way in their future lives.

Thirdly, sports help children in being more connected to their surroundings and the people around them.

The element of fear and loneliness subsides when there are people in the surrounding to back them up.

Fourthly, children are prone to developing more friendships due to their curious nature.Such Friendships are not only long lasting but are free from all sorts of prejudices.

Fifthly, through sports children develop the ability of becoming good team mates which helps them in their future endeavors.

Sixthly, sports are good for their mental well being as well.

Children coming from broken families need a vent to their feelings and aggression which is best served by engaging in some kind of healthy sport.

Seventh,through sports children learn from their successes and failures which help them get ready for their future life.

And Lastly, sports help children in recognizing authority and respecting them.

Now, let us try to address how we as parents inculcate physical activities in children.

Firstly, provide open options to your children regarding physical games.Such as cycling, skating,running, mountaineering,rock climbing etc.c

Secondly, take them to different kinds of sports to see what might interest them.Such as cricket,baseball,netball,badminton,tennis or squash etc.,

Thirdly, ask them what they might be interested in.Make a list according to their choices.They might like to do karate, or gymnastics,swimming or may be archery.

Whatever, they like you need to address their problem and find a solution to it.

Fourthly, if a child wants the support of a parent,engage yourself in their support.Don’t think for a moment that you will be embarrassed by playing that particular support.

Unconsciously, you are strengthening your bond with your child for life and ultimately it will bear great fruits.

And lastly, trust your child in what sport they want to pursue.Sports we did in our childhood may not attract them in the way it used to make us glow.

Every Generation is different.For the coming generations we might appear Noobs to some but there’s no limit to our becoming pro’s. So have an open mind dear parents. 

In the end, I would like to say that children can only develop the habit of sports when you as a parent follow it in practice.Nothing comes without effort.

And the changing times ask us to change too for the mental and physical well being of our children.Not all sports require money to begin.

Think about it.

Until next time, stay safe and healthy.