About Me

Talking about oneself can be an uphill task, especially for a person like me. I will try my best to keep it simple and worth reading for my admirers of what I do and have been doing for a long time and still want to do.


I am a visual artist not through a degree but through my passion for what I love to do. It can either involve catching /capturing small butterflies through photography and vary to making and exploring vast canvasses of life and Diversity.https://www.instagram.com/sabahataamir7/

My whole life till now is all about experimenting and deriving happiness out of what I do. And in the process not forget those who have and are standing by my side no matter what.https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGrpemEOjcsoTvq-Bt14ZDQ

I have a diversified Educational and Professional background but each of the areas has complimented my life, teaching me new and valuable lessons and giving me a desire to move forward in life.

Art and creativity are something that comes naturally to me. I have fought my way to come this far without disobeying my parents. Eventually, when things started being in my favor, I pursued the paths, I had dreamed for, for long.http://behance.net/sabahataamir

No journey is an easy journey in any field but if you have the determination of doing so, you will achieve it no matter what.

Now, let me give you a brief about my professional pursuits.

In my school days, I always preferred volunteering for charitable work. It has always given me immense pleasure to see smiles on people’s faces. That is something I picked up from my mother. She was a gem of a person. May Allah bless her soul. Ameen.

After my graduation, I started working in a small organization where I spent productive years of my life first learning the ins and outs of the organization and then applying experimental approaches for the organization to excel.

When I entered my Master’s, my scope of work had changed and I looked towards more managerial-related work not to forget teaching everyday subjects to class fellows.

After the completion of my Master’s degree in English Literature and Linguistics, I was offered a place at the university to teach Novel and Research Mechanics to the Master’s level. It was a turning point in my life. I enjoyed the time thoroughly.

Anyways, I had to move on with the wishes of my parents and went in for the so-called prestigious superior services examination. I couldn’t clear the interview. The design was greater. I have no doubt. I moved forward with life.

I had the opportunity to pursue my passion and work in a gallery both as an artist and assisted the Director in programs related to “Art for Social Change”, catering to underprivileged communities. It was a good time and gave me plenty of time to heal from the failure of the competitive exams.

While I was working there, I had the opportunity to excel further in the field of social work. I was appointed as a Gender Specialist in a co-funded project by the Asian Development Bank and the Government of Punjab.

While working, and managing family life, I enrolled in the Masters of Science program leading to a Women Studies Degree.

The insights I gained there in a period of 03 years changed my thinking about how organizations work in reality. I learned a lot and changed a lot both professionally and personally. That is when I ended my professional career.WHY?

I preferred family life over professional life. However, that does not mean I just sat and rusted. I invested in myself by gauging new skills and what time was demanded from me.

I continued with my voluntary work, pursuing my passion simultaneously and thus building a network of like-minded people who I can say without a doubt are my true assets.

I had a bumpy ride and still do face it at times but I take a lot of motivation from my audiences and followers who read my blogs and have something to add to them. And appreciate my pieces of art.https://www.instagram.com/aamir.sabahat/

They are all my extended family and I look toward them. As I always say it is not necessarily one who can be happy by having money. There are much more ways to extract happiness from. Be it small things, gestures, and positive thinking.