Hello Folks!

Entering into 2022, many of us have many important thoughts, pieces of advice, and flashbacks to share. Today, I aim to share a few Flashbacks of 2021, with you. So let’s start.

The year, 2021, started with great aspirations and a pre-planned, mode of action to be implemented, for the year through but Nature had something else in mind. All aspirations and pre-planned things took a new course altogether leading to another New year.

Secondly, everyone witnessed new transformations in the way. Some optimistic yet some pessimistic; overall helping us all through difficult times.

Thirdly, the year 2021, turned out to be an eye-opener even for the Pharaohs of time. Never think of yourself as a sole power; there is one from whom no one can escape.

Fourthly, a Flashback on 2021 reiterates that nothing in this world is permanent. You will have it now and the next moment it will elapse from the hands like quicksand. Such has been the lives of many near and dear ones in the time of COVID.

Fifthly, 2021, taught many of us that true friendships are rare. Mostly, people are here for their own gains and benefits. Only a few will see eye to eye with your passions and concerns.

Sixth, invest your time and energy with your loved ones; for you will never get the chance once gone. Cherish them, embrace them and tell them that you love them and miss the times you spent together.

Life will go on the usual way it used to but you will not have them between you, in your lives to tell them how much you miss them.

Seventhly, take out time for those who you know not and invest time in them. Be it charity work or just a call. Your positive behavior matters to them.

In the end, I would like to say that there is only one life; value it and value those who love you and care about you. There is no rewind button. So cherish every moment and be a better version of yourself with each passing day.

Think about it. Until next time, stay safe and healthy.

Happy Reading!