Seriously, when we think about the use of energy for the right things in life, we are at a loss for unlimited times. We generally do not take into account where we have lost our time. If we ponder on our life, we will be shocked to realize how much time of the day we lose in doing futile things than productive things. Well, it is never too late to change one’s focus and live a well planned life. Today, I will highlight some of the things which, I believe, make us use our energy not for the right things in life. And a solution on how to, use energy for the right things in life.


What, we do right after getting up in the morning, is the first thing that helps us in understanding whether we are going to utilize our energy for the right things or not. For instance, People with healthy life style start their day with water and then by exercising. This activity prepares us to lead our day in a productive way. On the other hand people with unhealthy life style, right after getting out of their bed cling on to their tabs, smart phones etc., and checking Instagram and face book messages. Come on now, this is no productive way to start a day. There are definitely healthy ways to start a day. You can go for a small jog and on the way listen to soft music or the chirping of birds or even recitation. It will open up your mind and heart in unimaginable ways.


Secondly, is the way, we use our energy during different hours of the day, Sitting all day long in front of Play stations or Xbox etc., by being a couch potato is not going to release our energy and put it to some productive use. Just entertainment and no productivity won’t get us far in life anyway. Rather, it will double our speed of wasting our energy on immaterialist things thus wasting our life. The best way is to limit one’s time on such entertainments. Moving body by doing different household chores or hanging out with family will put the energy towards the right things in life.


Thirdly, is how focus or motivated we are towards, achieving our goals Are we just dreamers or do we in reality want to give our dreams the shape of reality. It is only by shaping our dream into reality would we be able to put our energy into the real things in life. Thus using this energy, into something productive. Our passion to achieve, our dream is the only thing that keeps us ahead in life. A life without a purpose is like body without head. And surely, no one would want to spend a life like this. If we really want to utilize our energy for the right things in life, then we have to fulfill our dreams and work for their fulfillment.


We as human beings are overflowing with energy. If this energy deliberately is put to be utilized in the right direction, we will enjoy our life. Success and happiness will follow us. But if we waste our energy by doing futile things or wasting it on useless things of life, doom is going to follow us everywhere. It is a simple law of attraction and can be applied to anyone. Positive energy is always attracted to positive energy and negative energy always attracts negative energy. However, sometimes, the positive energy is so strong that it can change and even mould negative energy into positive .So one should always think positive and be a source of inspiration for those around.