Hello Folks!

Ever since,I have started writing about open topics, I have come across many assumptions  people have about me. Today, I aim to clear some of the few assumptions people have.So let’s start.

The first assumption people have about me is that I am very open.Well, I am very open regarding what I write.I try to be very clear in what I am trying to say. And I exactly know what message it will have across the board. So, this assumption is true about me.

The second assumption people have about me is that I am Gender biased.Well, this is an assumption.I try to write on topics that address all genders without being biased for the either one.I respect all Genders and have a quech to understand them better.

In everything that I write,there will always be an aggrieved party. So it is not something, I do intentially.

The third assumption about me is that I am very proud.No, I am not at all. God almighty has created all equal.Plus there is nothing that I have to be proud about.

Like everyone,I too have small desires but nothing big that should make me proud.

The fourth assumption about me is that it is difficult to talk with me. This is totally wrong. My email and social networks are always open to address any kind of questions and I also make special efforts in answering them myself.

Mostly, in my blogs, I openly invite my audience to come forward and share what they want. This is how I connect with you all.

The fifth assumption about me is that I am very strict.Some of my readers often categorize me as Hitler.Well, I am not an extremist but yes, I am strict in my principles and moral code. And that is what I expect from the people around me.

I try to work on broken relationships through my point of view without undermining other peoples view.Today’s world is becoming a global community where we all are in together.So we need to hear each other out and help the ones who seek our guidance.

In the end, I would like to say keep pouring in your thoughts and suggesting topics you want me to address.This is how we all progress.Think about it.

Until next time stay safe and Healthy.

Happy Reading!