Hello Folks!

Have you ever wondered,why do we, as humans are able to remember colours,shapes and even see the bigger picture to see where each piece fits in?

You guessed it right.I am talking about Jigsaws/Puzzles.

Today, I aim to talk about Puzzles/Jigsaws and the benefits that lie in solving it.So let’s start.

Firstly, solving Puzzles/Jigsaws are a way of reinforcing existing connections in our brain cells.This in turn helps in improving our short term memory.

Secondly, Jigsaws/Puzzles are all about patterns.Our surrounding is filled with pattern.

Puzzles helps our brain to grow and develop by finding the hidden patterns in objects lying around us.

Thirdly, it improves our ability of visual perception.The way we see our surroundings,absorb information,then organize it and try to make a sense out of it.

Like reading a book.We look at the words in a book and try to make sense of the story.

Fourthly, Puzzle solving hones coordination in humans especially when it comes to decision making and team playing.

Fifthly,through Jigsaw solving,the critical thinking develops which helps in improving the listening skills, communication and problem solving skills.

Sixthly, beside a good exercise,the release of Dopamine is a benefit for humans when they solve puzzles.It gives great pleasure to us.

Thus, impacting  our concentration, motivation and memory.In a way, the production of Dopamime resets our brain for the greater good.

Seventh, solving Puzzles heightens the creativity in an individual.Making puzzles might seem an easy task but there is so much creativity involved in the whole process.

The more challenging the puzzle the more creativity is heightened. Creativity heightens thinking, enhances self-esteem, and reduces stress.

Lastly, solving puzzles help in the overall brain activity giving peace and tranquilty to the mind as a whole.

It leads to mental  health and wellness of all individuals.

In the end, I would say that puzzle solving is a great activity and should be made a part of daily activities.

As an individual, it has so many benefits;if used in groups one might be able to achieve great heights of success.Think about the wonders it can unveil.

Until next time stay safe and healthy.

Happy Reading.