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Now, this is what I would call good luck. I have been yearning to write something on a topic like this for ages. And here I get an opportunity to do so. The statement itself gives its answer. Body size does not matter to rock good clothes. I will discuss, why it does not matter in the following paragraphs based on my own experiences. So let’s start.

As a child, I was more into playing and athlete stuff but as I grew up my focus shifted more towards studying and work on the laptop and all. All-time sitting and very less physical activities. Until one day, I looked at myself in the mirror. I was startled to see my image. That very moment, I realized, if I will not love myself who else would.

So with certain adjustments in my lifestyle, I was back to my good old self. What I want to reiterate here is that stop caring about what people are going to say or what your partner is going to say about your body; you should be satisfied with it and opt for ways to keep it in a way that is healthy and not problematic for you or people around you.

Secondly, you should have a positive image of yourself. I am sure you must have heard a lot about vibes and how they work. Yes, that is true. We all have a certain aura around us. The people in our surroundings pick up this aura or vibe or energy or light whatever you want to categorize it as.

movie star


They are going to look at you the way, you want them to. So even if you have the body size of a wrestler, yet you think yourself no less than a movie star, people will treat you like one.


Thirdly, you should always wear what you are comfortable with and what looks nice on you. Dressing according to your body shape is the best way to rock.

If you dress up in a way that does not suit your gait, you definitely will feel the odd man out.

However, if you dress up rather simply, no matter what your body size is, you will rock. You need to find out your style or signature according to your body type.

Also, be open to the dressing and clothes of other cultures. You never know their custom stitched clothes look fit on you rather than the ones you use.

Fourthly, I believe nobody should kill themselves to be someone they are not.…is-where-i-exist/

You may feel good about yourself for some time but in the longer run, you will become frustrated with what you have become.

The man-made appearance comes with a price but the appearance gifted by your Creator can never be undermined. You should always remember that.


The world is a small place. We encounter a lot of people in our day-to-day life and learn a lot from them both consciously and unconsciously.

What, I have learned so far is that Heaven has made a partner for everyone.

They might come soon or late in life but surely will come. And for him/her body size would not matter as he/she would love you for what you are and not how you look in terms of a body.

The soul is the one that needs to be beautiful, appearances and people are short-lived.

People remember us in terms of our deeds and good heart. No one will remember us for what kind of body we had or how satisfied they were with us. So, I will end, with John Keats’s note that beauty is truth and truth is beauty. and that is what one needs to remember in this world.


Think about it. Until next time stay safe and healthy.

Happy Reading!