As human beings we often wonder, what is a balanced lifestyle that will make us healthy and wealthy. Well, it all depends what you think about yourself and your goals. As an individual, I will share the crux of my life’s experience with you.


The most easy way to maintain a balanced lifestyle to become healthy and wealthy is; by simply Jotting down your Goals in life. Write down everything you want to do in your life.When i say everything, i mean everything. Then categorize them into groups. This will give you an added advantage where you see yourself 10 to 15 years you are right now.


Another easy yet useful way is to Invest in Yourself. In your day to day life you invest in other members of your family to make their future. For once think about yourself and start investing in yourself. See where you are lagging. It can be any area. Perhaps just an inspirational talk might motivate you or reading some great books may change you forever.


Acquiring a New Skill or a Hobby that you have always loved or would love to do is also one of the easy ways to be healthy and prosperous. Never think what people would say. If you want to be healthy and wealthy, you have to start doing something that you have yearned for. You can be an Artist, or a graphic designer or even a film maker. You just need to explore yourself.


Yet another easy way is to Meditate or Walk. While meditating, our minds open up as we are elevated to high levels of serenity .It helps us in solving greater problems in life. Or you can even walk. Both work well.


Laughing is one of my favorite easy ways to maintain a balanced  life style. It works wonders on not only you but also those who are around you. Just as yawning is contagious so is laughing. people fall in love with you the moment they see you laughing. So do not try to conceal yourself for the fear of someone to know you. Be happy.


Another easy way to maintain a balanced lifestyle and yet be healthy and wealthy is to Socialize. Man is a social animal and no one can live in isolation. You should regularly hang out with your friend or friends or however you like but do so. By socializing and interacting with people we tend to learn a lot; not only about them but also ourselves. This interaction helps us in becoming a better version of ourselves.


Having a Positive Attitude too helps in maintaining a balanced lifestyle. Do not over think. Try to take things in a positive way. May be they are meant to be that way. Over thinking has the tendency to turn simple relationships or situations into complicated ones. Focus on the now with a positive attitude.


Similarly, learn to Appreciate even the smallest things in life. We run after achieving higher pursuits in life forgetting the blessings we have. Parents, children, family, health and life will all vanish one day but the best way is to appreciate all before it is no more.


Believe in Yourself is one of the easy ways to maintain a balanced life style and become healthy and wealthy. It is the belief in oneself that can take one to tremendous heights. You do not need degrees or medal to proof your value; you just need to believe in yourself and explore.


And lastly, Learn to say No.   Half of our problems will vanish if we start saying no to the things that cause stress in our lives.Can be a simple addiction to a certain habit of one self or someone in the surrounding.You need to find out what that is and eliminate it from your life.Trust me, you will feel very light.


According to my personal experience,these are some of the easy ways to maintain a balanced life style and become healthy and wealthy. Wealth should not be measured in terms of fortune, gold or even high paid jobs. The Real Wealth lies in the mind that can be peaceful of what it has gained over the years in term of   family, friends, health and contribution to the society.


Have a lovely weekend.