Hello Folks!

Have you ever wondered how Pakistani Dramas and entertainment shapes our families/ marriages? I am sure most married people/families will second my thoughts. So let’s start.

Nowadays, due to the pandemic and all, the new focus is on dramas and entertainment, etc., but what are we deriving out of it. There was a time when the whole family would sit together at drama time to watch their favorite dramas.

But now, what is being shown in the dramas is nothing like old times where all members would sit together and watch. What is our new generation learning from these dramas? How to get hold of a rich man irrespective of him being married and happy in his life and family?

The underlying purpose is to make him yours even if you have to turn a villain for it.

Another thing that is being taught is to keep a spare tyre in reserve. If one doesn’t work, change the other to enjoy the benefits of all the worlds. Virgins and non-virgins or likewise.

On the other hand, what are men gaining from these dramas? Only nonsense and applying that nonsense on their wives. The characters in the dramas are mostly fictional. Very few might be based on reality.

This, however, does not give one the privilege to treat their better halves on the same level. And it is simply unjust to do such a thing.

Another effect on marriages is regarding the culture that is being portrayed in these dramas. Our society is a cultural society. How open is the husband toward a wife having university or college friends or let alone office colleagues? Their thinking will always remain the same, no matter how cultured or educated they become.

A wife has the heart to accept the man with all his flaws without saying a word but the man does not have the heart to accept one small mistake of a woman and may always be in search of catching her on the wrong foot.

Then, the zero-sized figures in the form of models are truly unrealistic. Even if one getting married is a zero-sized barbie, there is no guarantee she will remain the same after marriage. One goes through a lot of hormonal changes and can become a bharbie (heavy) doll in no time.

The same is the case with men. When they will have tasty foods to eat all year through, how lean can they remain? They too might turn into a potato. But potatoes are fine with models and bharbie dolls are not.

Similarly, not to mention the dressing. Seriously, can a mediocre class afford a branded dress if the monthly expenditure of a household is 10,000 rupees? Who is the entertainment industry fooling?

Not to mention the makeup which changes with every scene. In a poor household who can afford a full puck up face with the latest products.

The entertainment industry is a sadist in disguise who enjoy at the expense of spoiling marriages through their unrealistic portrayal of Pakistani society and its cultural values.

If you want to see a real Pakistani married couple, visit your next-door neighbor or any family you know. You will find the real drama going on in their lives and believe me, it’s no entertainment. Its reality. Think about it.

Until next time stay safe and healthy.

Happy Criticizing!