Serving: 01 person
Preparation time: 10 minutes

02 slice bread pieces

Cheese(full cream)or as desired

1/4 cup minced chicken/beef/turkey(cooked)

a pinch of salt and black pepper

cucumbers,lettuce and tomato if desired

sandwich maker (grill plates)

Method to prepare:

Take a bowl and add minced chicken or beef or turkey (cooked).

Add salt and pepper according to taste.

Then, take a slice of bread and spread the mixture on it

Put a slice of cheese over it and dress it with your child’s  favorite veggies

Put the other slice on top of it and put the sandwich into a sandwich maker having the grill plates

When the sandwich is ready the light will turn green .

Carefully, take it out, without burning yourself and enjoy the scrumptious,delicious homemade grilled sandwich.

( You can add sauces to it if you want to make it extra spicy)