Hello Everybody!

Today, I aim to talk about something very common yet it has a great food for thought. Nowadays, almost everyone is in a rush. Rush to go to office, rush to check messages, rush to have money, rush to have an ever growing career, rush in finding soul mates etc. The word RUSH has become some sort of custom which people are practicing in blink of an eye.

Moving at a pace in different areas is good but there is an aspect where I would say, staying low and slow is better. It is the marriage area. One should not rush for it. I, have seen so many people making a waste of their life in haste. Everything has a pattern and things eventually fall in place at the right time.

We have heard this saying right from early ages that couples are made in heaven and marriages are celebrated on earth. Then why cannot we wait for our turn to come. We will definitely find our soul partner but we need to be patient and wait for the right person and time to come.

And before all this happens we need to avoid certain things. The foremost thing is to stop running after /for marriage, killing yourself  in finding your rightful mate. Everything has been planned by the great Creator. You will find that someone for you someday.

Secondly, have a strong belief in your Creator. He blesses all with the best of lot.  Sometimes, things do not work in our favor; but we should not be dejected rather we should be firm that what is kept for us is for the best and it will be unveiled timely.

Thirdly, there is law of attraction of the universe. It is my observation if you desire for something so badly, not only are you working for it in fact the whole universe works in a way for it to happen. It is more or less the same as the law of attraction. So stay positive.

Fourthly, do not pay a heed to what people say about you growing old and being unsettled or bla bla. You, yourself are a better judge of the scenario. May be you have not reach that level in your life where you feel sufficient or the time to move on. When you feel that time has come, take it by four locks and go for it. Until then, just chill.

Fifthly, avoid the negative environment around you. Look for people who are your well wishers. Can be a friend, colleague, mentor or even someone from the family. Share with them your concerns, fears but do not bombard them with your innermost desires. They might not know how to comfort you. After all, they too are human.

Lastly, go out and pamper yourself. Spend time with yourself, invest in yourself and observe people around you. Your keen observation will help you in moving in the right direction without under estimating yourself. So be an angel rather than a fool.

Happy Reading Folks.