Hello Folks! 

Today, I aim at discussing means on how to improve Livelihood for women prisoners in Pakistan? So let’s start. 

From the information available, it appears that women prisoners across the country have one thing in common a background of social disadvantage.

Whatever, the jail, women prisoners are the ones at the most impoverished end of the social spectrum who have led a life of social exclusion and abuse.

However, Skills Training Programs can raise the morality of women prisoners and decrease their loneliness.

Thus, increasing the odds of post-jail earning potential.

Secondly, unemployment is a predictor of criminal activity. So the skills training programs within the jail are quite handy for future stability.

Thirdly, those enrolled in education agree that access to education makes them feel worthy of themselves.

And it is the only time when they do not feel and treated like a prisoner.

Fourthly, small cottage industries need to be established for women prisoners rather than just the basic skills. The carpet weaving should be accessible to them too.

Fifthly, computer training has been added to the training menus of Pakistani Jails. However, they are taught via Word and not connected to the internet.

Those who have committed crimes using the internet are not allowed to participate in computer training.

Sixth, various trades and prison industries need to  be initiated such as; training in handicrafts, sewing, knitting, weaving, bookbinding, tailoring, dyeing, soap making, food processing, and plastic flower making, etc.,

Seventh, wage-earning schemes for women prisoners in all jails can motivate the prisoners towards productive work.

And lastly, skill training coupled with Art therapy can work wonders on the state of mind.

In the end, I would like to say that women prisoners in Pakistan too can earn a decent livelihood in the post-release scenario if the prisons have adequate funding with controlled accountability.

And programs are tailor-made. The skillful workers need to have liaised with appropriate industries for the future.  

The NGOs and like-minded people who have the skills can play a positive role in this direction. Think about it.


Happy Reading. Until next time; stay safe and healthy.