Islam gives us a complete code of life. Being a Muslim, there are certain things which one has to abstain from, at all costs and some things one needs to practice daily to become healthy and successful. Today, I am going to discuss the core ingredient for health and success and its practice.

The very first is our belief in the Oneness of the creator (ALLAH) and that the Prophet (P.B.U.H) is His last messenger. We have a firm belief in the pillars of Islam and follow it. As far as our health is concerned, there are certain foods, drinks we need to abstain from.

Alcohol is prohibited in Islam. One of the reasons, being the effects it has on the human brain. It intoxicates the mind leaving no room for what is right and wrong. It can only be used, if need be, for medical purposes.

Secondly, eating of   Pork is prohibited in Islam. From health point of view, it causes vomiting, abdominal cramps and dehydration which is fatal in extreme cases.

Thirdly, Islam emphasizes on the practice of   Moderation. Be it in the form of eating, drinking or even a lifestyle. One should always be moderate in what one chooses. As far as eating is concerned, according to a Hadith, one third of the stomach should always be kept empty for breathing. The reason for this is that anything in excess leads to destruction as far as health is concerned. And excess eating leads to weight gain and obesity

Fourthly, Islam emphasizes on the Habit of washing hands before and after a meal. One should not use a towel for drying as it may cause transmitting of bacteria and other viruses from common use.

Fifthly, is the practice of offering Salat , five times a day. It is a responsibility and has great many health benefits. By offering salat, our body is in the continuous habit of doing light exercises, which helps in digestion especially after meals. Thus keeping us healthy.

Sixthly, Honey has numerous health benefits. The benefits of honey cannot be undermined for the, great many qualities that it possesses. In Muslim cultures, it is used as a divine medicine for a great many ailments. It is also used as detoxification for drug users. It is used in the treatment of eating of poisonous plants. As a preservative, it is used to preserve meat, pickles, fruits etc., It is also used for whitening the teeth. It strengthens the gums and prevents it from gum diseases if used as a mouth wash.

Seventhly, Blood keeps us going, as it flows in our veins. However, if this blood enters our digestive system, it will become toxic. It is for this very reason the blood of the slaughtered animal requires to be drained out completely before it is eaten. Blood is rich in iron, which the human digestive system cannot consume in large quantities. Moreover, an excess to iron can cause liver damage, dehydration, low blood pressure, and nervous disorders.

Eighthly, another practice which can make us healthy and successful is the daily consumption of Black seeds. According to our Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H), “It has the cure to everything except death”. It reduces obesity, helps in digestion and cures several stomach disorders. The black seed oil reduces inflammation and swelling in joints.

Ninthly, another practice, we must follow is Fasting during the month of  Ramdan. It has many health benefits. One of the foremost being release of toxins from the body thus cleansing it. It gives our body rest and reduces our weight as well.

And lastly, we must have a short nap in the day as it gives rests to our vital organs especially our mind and heart.

In the end, I would like to conclude that if we practice Islam in the proper way by following the teachings of Quran and Sunnah, we undoubtedly will be more healthy and successful.