Hello Folks!

Today, I aim to talk about something very important that can save many lives. I aim to give you an insight into AIDS/HIV and how it can be prevented. So let’s start.

We should know what is AIDS. It stands for Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome.AIDS/HIV is a virus that attacks a person’s immune system destroying one’s ability to fight off other diseases.

The first prevention against AIDS/HIV is the practice of safe sex. It is transmitted primarily through sexual contact both homosexual and heterosexual whoever the carrier may be. So the use of condoms is a must during the start and finish of every act of sexual intercourse.

The second prevention is not to trust the word of mouth when going for such an activity. Always ask for a certificate from a sexual partner. Many lives have been destroyed by just trusting the word of mouth.

The third prevention is never to trust the dating services. People have made businesses and most service providing institutions will never reveal the truth. So, prevention is better than infection for life.

The fourth prevention is the use of a clean injection for a drug. Anyone who injects a drug should always use a clean, unused needle.

The fifth prevention against AIDS/HIV is not to donate blood or even take it without being sure of the safety. Blood donation is mostly screened and those high risked groups; blood for transfusion is not accepted in the first place.

Lastly, women, mothers who are pregnant and have HIV can prevent it from transmitting to the babies by using by taking HIV medicine (called antiretroviral therapy or ART).

In the end. I would like to say that till present there is no cure for this. There is no way to cure HIV infection or remove the virus from the body. Drug therapy can only slow down the virus and the damage that it does to the immune system.


However, people with HIV can live long and healthy lives and prevent transmitting HIV to their sexual partners.

Other drugs are available to prevent or treat infections that can be life-threatening to the person with HIV infection. So folks, if you know something can be of so grave nature, why go for it in the first place. Life is very precious. Own it as an asset and take care of it as a trust.

Think about it. Until next time stay safe and healthy.