Hello Folks!

Have you ever witnessed and experienced being treated as a scapegoat at the hands of trainees. Most of you will second me because we witness this every day in Pakistan. HOW? I will tell you in detail in just a moment. So let’s start.

For the past three weeks, I have witnessed this, up close and personal. I went to KRL Hospital as my past experiences were really good. Acquaintances and family members who went in for treatment there, came out alive.

The team of doctors then was a good one. It was a good time. However, over the years, I believe the system within the hospital has degraded a lot. This, I witnessed when I went in after a couple of years.

I went in for an emergency but twice, I was referred to the general OPD where a couple of tests were carried out, nothing relevant to the cause.

Keeping in ICU for two days, I was discharged by giving antibiotics for the treatment to be done at home. And to have followed up after a week.

In between, I relapsed again and got admitted, to have another dose of tests and bla bla to be discharged the same day.

The irony is that I was not an entitled patient or any panel and came in a personal capacity as a common citizen of Pakistan. Not that, I didn’t have references but I wanted to see the compassion of Dr.s there as had witnessed in the past.

But, I only saw money minting and experimenting with trainees who were more concerned about their empirical theories about my state without giving me the source of the problem.

And experimenting with their medicines to worsen my condition. When I relapsed the third time and went to the same hospital; this time not only with severe infection but also neck pain.

I kept on insisting to see a neurology Dr. for the neck pain but I was still being treated for the infections. I spent two days in utter misery and pain and discomfort.

All this time, I was at the mercy of the trainees without an experienced, skill-related Dr. I was their scapegoat.

Finally, my prayers were heard and I got relief from my misery. Not by KRL Doctors or trainees or incapacitated staff but through a reference.

Being a Pakistani citizen, I too had to use the reference system to show you my friends that here in Pakistan to be a common person is a sin.

If you want to live, you need to have support at your back. Otherwise, every one of us is scapegoats at the hands of the trainee doctors who are incapacitated in times of emergencies.

Thanks to my paternal cousins and family that I was saved from the guillotines and did not end up being anyone’s lab rat.

I am still being treated at a good hospital by a team of professionals and getting better day by day. I need your prayers to bring you the harsh realities of life and the victim of being a common person in Pakistan.

There is a lot of food for thought here. Think about it. Until next time, stay safe and Healthy.

Happy Reading!