Hello Folks!

Have you ever wondered why people approach you on social platforms? Today, I aim to discuss the motives behind such approaches. So let’s start.

Firstly, the motive behind most people is they have personal motives and interests to attend to. And if your profile can benefit them, then rest assured where you are heading to.

Secondly, people on such a platform approach you for a specific reason. It can either be a common interest or background or can even be your nature of work that interests them.

Thirdly, one comes across all sorts of people who can add something good to your already professional or personal life. These are the assets in your life. Own them and equally contribute well to their lives.

Fourthly, on social platforms, you need to keep your eyes and ears open. And have to be very careful regarding the selection of friends. People are not the way they seem. You might be dealing with a wolf in sheep clothing. So you need to keep your antennas open.

Fifthly, trust your guts when you make friends. Acquaintances on social platforms know you better than you, yourself. If you have any kind of doubt regarding them, just back off.

In the end, I would say that due to the misuse of these platforms, people have stopped trusting the good ones out there. Every interaction with a new person gives people the creep especially youth who might be getting into something dangerous.

So as parents, it is our responsibility to keep an open eye and supervise our children from time to time regarding the use of these social platforms.


Until next time stay safe and healthy.


Happy Reading!