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Last week, I discussed the problems children face in schools. This week, I aim at discussing some of the solutions to the problem that children are facing in most school systems. So let’s start.

The first solution to children’s problems in school is the need to teach them the difference between fantasy and reality about schools. As said, “all that glitters is not gold”. And so is the scenario with every school system that exists.

Programs and segments on TV, show the fantasy and dreamlike world where children are about to enter whereas, in reality, there is no such thing of the kind. Their small dreams yet to take reality are crushed when they see the difference between fantasy and the real world.

Secondly, the problem of bullying needs to be tackled in full letter and spirit. Its time to show that actions have consequences. And no one can escape, no matter what the background is.

Thirdly, Favouritism needs to come to an end. If the school wants to reward a teacher for his/her services, there are better ways to do it. It does not have to be the child of that teacher. Although exceptions are always there and that’s why merit systems are made.

Fourthly, the overall system of Groupings in the school should be discouraged. After all, schools are for everyone and there should be no difference based on status among fellow pupils. All school bearers should be appointed based on certain criteria rather than popularity only.

Fifthly, school Canteens need to provide healthy food that is home-cooked if they want to be spared of future ratios of obesity. Plus by encouraging home-cooked food in the school will be a step forward to promote small businesses.

As many of the school workers maybe having it as a sideline to cater for their household needs. However, quality under no circumstance should be compromised.

Sixthly, the mixing of young and old children especially boys should be strictly Monitored. For this purpose, separate teachers are needed to assign this task to. And this trend of one teacher for all tasks should be diminished.

After all, teachers too are human and cannot carry on tasks like a robot.

Seventh, all schools small and big have many areas where they are collecting Funds in the name of miscellaneous. These funds need to be used diligently especially when it comes to the well being of the students.

For the rising change in behaviors of the students, be it related to anger or stress or psychological or mood outbursts; there is a dire need for the appointment of Area-Specific Counselors in the school. One for all is not the solution to every problem.

Children might be needing consultation in studies or sports or other awareness.

Eighthly, where there is a need for a Parent to Children interaction, same is the requirement and need of a Parent to Teacher interaction. This problem needs to be addressed duly by both parties to prevent future events that might be taking place in children’s life.

And lastly, Schools need to Enroll themselves with certain Institutions that work on the overall personality of a child. These programs can be related to anger management or psyche or overall well being. And the counselor has to recommend such programs for the child in consultation with the school and parents.

As for other children, there should be a compulsion to work for some time,  as a paid job either with their school or some charity to introduce the habit of hard work right from the early years.

Think about it. Until next time, stay safe and healthy.

Happy Reading!