Hello Folks!

Most of us enjoy sugar coated candy without knowing the impacts it has on all of us.

Today, I aim to dive deep into the impacts of a sugar coated candy. So let us start.

Firstly, is the loss of self integrity when the leaders openly declare themselves as International beggars and ask for this sugar coated candy.

Secondly, this sugar coated candy comes with a price tag.A tag which the Nations have to bear till the end of time.

It is a burden which is borne by the generations yet to come.

Thirdly, the Nation comes at a weak footing.It no longer is in the mode of bargain but there is a tremendous shift from bargain to beggary.

Such is the impact of this sugar coated candy.

Fourthly, is the replacement of self- reliance towards an easy way out.

A whole breed of generation is bred who wants to try the sugar coated candy rather than learning from history.

And so the greed for the sugar coated candy goes on.

Fifthly, in the pipeline, the direction of the sugar coated candy is changed.The reason for which it was demanded in the first place now has other mouths to fill.

This, eventually loses its authenticity as a whole.

Sixth, is the conscientious and conscious man who is least of all affected by the sugar coated candy.

He is the one who challenges the order of the day and acts as a change maker.

Unfortunately, such people are like a pinch of salt in sugar.

In the end, I would like to reiterate that a country like Pakistan needs to rely on its own resources and build them.

The extra expedition and expenditures need to be curtailed to stop the regular flow of the sugar coated candy.

There should be targeted areas where investment is needed to have a strong hold. And Lastly, we should spend like a miser and utilize our resources like a clever wife.

Think about it.

Until next time, stay safe and healthy.