Hello Folks!

Recently, I have been going through a lot of turmoil regarding the online classes and the problems at hand. Today, I aim at discussing these problems, the Blame Game, and the suffering party. So let’s start.

The foremost problem that students are facing online is regarding I.T issues. Even the most competent lot has failed to understand basic issues related to I.T; let alone the teachers.

How hard is it to turn on a simple computer and apply the appropriate software to the system? What are the so-called big systems installed in school doing in this regard except blaming each other regarding the responsibility?

The second problem that students are facing online is the lack of delivery regarding lessons. I won’t deny the fact that people who have been teaching all their life face to face find this mode of delivery rather difficult but trust me guys it’s not that difficult. You just need to get the hang of it. There is a way to everything if one has the will to do it.

Our children have proved this by grasping the new modes then why can’t the deliverers do the same. There is no insult to learning something new. At the age of 43, I am learning each day from my children, surroundings, and like-minded people. So can you.

The third problem that students are facing is the biases on part of the teachers. All students deserve attention and no single student should be sidelined for your meaningless biases.

The fourth problem that students are facing online is regarding the explanation of a topic. Research is good no doubt but even to research children/students need concepts. Without explanation, you can’t expect a student to write a Research paper. So stop giving video links in the first place rather, start explaining.

The fifth problem that students are facing is the blame game. Every time a student account is locked, the one responsible doesn’t take the responsibility rather the vicious cycle begins of blaming; switching from one department to the other.

And in this whole blame game who is the sufferer? Not the schools. It is the students who suffer each day. The institutions are getting their share in the form of fees. Why should they even care for the loss a student has to go through?

And Lastly, the problem that students have to face is the wrath of the teachers who are exposed at the hands of students for telling the truth. It’s a shame such teachers bring on the whole community of teachers/Educationists.

Dear Institutions, it is not COVID that is to be blamed. Rather it has always been your attitude due to which the endless number of students have suffered as well as their parents who are just clients to you.

Of all private schools, The CITY SCHOOL is, unfortunately, the worst institution, I have found so far. All corrupt to the core. The more you try to analyze, the more darkness you will find within. It’s too late for you to even think about it as you are at a point of no return.

May God Almighty help you and ease the pains of the sufferer.

Happy Reading.