Hello Folks!

Have you ever experienced being mugged online or the feelings associated with it as what to do? in order to avoid such circumstances.

Well today, let us talk about how to avoid being mugged in the first place.

Also, let’s try to analyze what are muggers looking for in a victim? So let’s go.

Firstly,you must know as to what is mugging? Well,  mugging is “an assault or threat of violence upon a person, especially with intent to rob” .

However, there is a difference between mugging and robbery.In a robbery, there is always a use of force.

Secondly, a mugger is always looking for things, to go smoothly without the hassle of creating any complication.

The moment,a mugger would sense some kind of threat he/she/they will walk away. Obviously,no one wants to be caught red handed for their crimes.

Thirdly, a mugger will always portray oneself as some important personality  or a person of great fame.

Now, my friends it is up to you, to assess how far the mugger has camouflaged.

You need to keep your mind and eyes open if you sense anything dubious.

Moreover, before believing anyone blindly, do your homework.Study about that particular personality, he or she is identifying themselves with.

Be it studying a country’s whole constitution.

Fourthly, Do not let muggers take you for granted.You might have one particular soft side.

Do not let anyone exploit that.If you are truthful and honest ,you will pull through this whole scam.

It is just a matter of time.

Fifthly, look for the inconsistencies in the talk of the mugger.As I said,one needs to have an open mind to understand what is going on and how one is  being dragged in the whole scenario.

Sixth, be aware of what you share on your social media platforms.

If you are using them for professional purposes, do not highlight anything related with your private life.

Muggers mostly take advantage of your profile or portfolio.This can too get most of you in trouble.

And even if you do have it on your page,your family should know about it.

These times, with the ongoing pandemics are very crucial for all.Be them pandemics,Economic breakdown or what ever.The foremost thing is staying safe.

Seven, the muggers are mostly one person or a group of persons operating within the system.

They always have some sensitive information to tell.Please folks be aware of online scams.

Do not go for lottery draws or emails from Bill Gates.Seriously they are not that free to draft you letters or chit chat with you at odd hours.

If someone wants to invest or donate in your country, they already know the way of investing or donating.

Lastly,if you or any of your contacts, know they are being mugged,there is always a complaint cell.Please use that and do not be scared of anyone. 

Why do crimes go unnoticed; because no one reports them.This is a chain and needs to be stopped before anyone for real gets hurt.

In the end, I would like to say that all you kids and folks out there,please be very careful while making a friend online.

I know many of you want to experience the challenge;but there is a lot of time for that experience.

You can always join groups of your likes and hobbies or even talk with real people around you.

Impostors cannot pretend to be real people for long.Trust me, it starts getting to them.

Due to such muggers and online insecurity, everything has become so doubtful that those who are really in need and are the right ones, are put to test as well.

Think about it.Until next time stay safe and happy.

Happy Reading.