Hello Folks!

               Sleep is an important asset in one’s life in order to lead a full productive day. In today’s world along other important things, sleep is the most important asset that is being compromised. Today, I will share a few golden tips to have a peaceful beauty sleep that i have myself observed and benefited from.And i am sure that you too would benefit from it equally.So let’s start.

Firstly, do not use smart phones or any screen related device before going to bed. The repercussions are far greater than the ones we expect. And definitely it does not work well for a good night  peaceful sleep at all.

Secondly, to have a peaceful beauty sleep, you need to switch off any kind of light or devices put on charge. When your mind will be in the state of rest so shall your body be rested well. You will see the difference yourself.

Thirdly, to have a peaceful beauty sleep, never sleep on an empty stomach. Either you will find it difficult to sleep or even if you do manage to sleep, you will get up in the middle of night due to head ache or tummy ache or even low sugar levels. You have to keep a watch on all these signs.

Fourthly, by applying a tincture of lavender oil mixed with coconut oil, you will have a perfect beauty sleep. Apply it on your wrists, near the back of your ear and on the underside of your feet. Just gently massage these areas. And there you are ready for your peaceful sleep.

Fifthly, always drink a cup of warm milk before going to bed. You can either add oval tine or any other flavor you want. And you will be lull to sleep in no time.

Sixth, put on some meditating or stress relief music. Anything that would relax the mind and you will enjoy a complete peaceful night.

Seventh, avoid getting into an argument or fight before going to bed. It really affects the sleep making both the mind and body un easy. Even if the argument still happens, put on some stress relief music and you will feel better in no time.

Eighth, always read a light tone book and not some book overloaded with mysteries, logic, successive events, too many characters etc. You need to sleep rather than keeping awake all night. Reading is a very good habit but one should be aware of what to read at what time.

Ninth, make a list of to do things everyday and before going to bed cross out the things you have done in that particular day. Do not forget to pat yourself for the way you have carried your day. You too deserve an applause for the efforts you do, to put everything together.

And lastly, leave all your tensions aside and be grateful to the day you have spent. Be gratified with every passing day and look forward towards a new start. Try living in the present and not the past.

In the end, I would like to say that don’t fall for myths like less sleep can do no harm. My dear fellows, less sleep is like a slow killer. It kills you slowly both internally and externally. So before pertaining to any extreme measures, do try out the natural ways. The tips for a peaceful sleep mentioned above are beneficial for all. You just have to see what works well for you.

Until next time,

Happy Reading.