Hello Folks!

Some times not trusting your guts can be a major obstacle in your way of success.There is an ever going debate on mind versus body.Hence, today, I would like to share a few tips on how to trust your guts without undermining the power of mind. So, lets look at a few tips.

Firstly, I would recommend all of you to trust your gut rather than trusting your mind.Most of our decisions are led by our guts rather than our minds and they turn out to be wonderful decisions.There is no harm in trusting your gut while making a decision which has no negative or wrong impact on anyone.

Secondly, If you are to take a decision which has a long term consequence, i would recommend you to sleep over it and think about it and analyze it and if your gut tells you to do it, then take the decision.Don’t prolong it.

Thirdly, try to interpret good and bad instincts. Practice makes a man perfect.There may be times when you have a certain feeling about something.Let your body decide the reaction to it and if it says yes,just follow it without thinking too much on it.

Fourthly, try to surround yourself with people who elevate you rather than those who bring you down.These are the real people you can trust with your future endeavors and rely on them in difficult times.

Fifthly,trust you gut especially in times when you feel unsafe.There are no hard and fast rules to as or where or when or with who you will start feeling unsafe but if you come across such feelings,trust your guts and flee away from such a situation.

Sixth,challenge yourself everyday.Put yourself in a new situation daily and walk through it.See what your gut tells you about the situation and what you do to overcome it.

Seventh, before going to bed at night, think about all the decisions you made by trusting your gut and how did they end. If your decisions made you proud, don’t forget to applause yourself.

And Lastly, listen to the signs your body is giving you. Don’t under estimate them and put them in doldrums.Think about them,analyze them and act appropriately.That is how you will learn to trust your guts.

In the end, I would like to say that both our mind and body work together to make us move forward, have enlightenment about good or bad. However,without putting our trust in our guts gives away every chance of thinking out of the box and reaching heights yet to be discovered.

Have a great weekend.