Energy and success are two faces of the same coin. Success is a state of mind and all feelings, vibes, energy related with it are signals we receive from our mind. If our inner self is contented, we display amounts of energy; be it love, acceptance, respect, warmth, and motivation which makes us think that we are successful. And the success whatever, it may be releases unlimited amount of energy from/within us.

Today, I am going to talk about “Two faces of the same coin”, linked with successful people and  what are the Attributes that make them successful in life cum energetic. If you have any one or two qualities of these successful people, you too are successful. So let’s discuss the attributes one by one.

The number one attribute that makes successful people successful and more energetic in life is that they give more importance to their Inner Self. Their inner self is contented with whatever they are or have achieved in life. They are not turned away from material aspects of life. This inner satisfaction is their asset which they have earned through experience and trial. And they are ready to share their experiences with the world irrespective of their placements.

Similarly, another attribute that makes successful people energetic is that they recognize the Importance of Sleep. To be energetic and successful, one has to establish priorities in life. To have a balance between work and personal life is a must attribute. Our ancestors were not wrong when they said that early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise. All this wisdom and wealth does have something to do with proper rest and establishing one’s priorities in life.

In the same way, another attribute which adds success to  successful people making them energetic and successful is that they keep on Learning New Things, reading about new avenues, meeting new people, travelling, communicating with those around and those living far apart. They never stop exploring themselves and others. They have a drive of achieving their passion and this passion makes them more energetic and successful.

Healthy Eating too is an important attribute. For all, successful people, healthy eating is a part and parcel of their life style. Energy comes along success when one eats healthy and makes healthy choices in life. For health is wealth. People with healthy eating may someday be able to deceive death and non treatable diseases.

On a spiritual level, another attribute of people who are successful and energetic is that they Meditate. They are able to resolve the toughest of problems in life when they are alone and think deep about  problems and how to tackle them. They have devised ways of positive thinking and keep on adding something new to the already achieved techniques.

Similarly, being  Committed to achieving their goals in life is another attribute, why successful people are more energetic. They will not sit down until they achieve their goals. They believe in themselves and are ready to take all leaps to gain what they dream of.

Another attribute why, all successful people are energetic, are the ones who are true to their Integrity. They are at the winning ends. It is their honesty and simple nature that draws people close to them. Our integrity defines who we are and takes us towards height of success. And draw us towards People, who share our morals, support us and smooth our way to success.

And last  but not least,attribute to “two faces of the same coin” related to successful people, is regular Exercise . They know that their future depends on being healthy. A man who is a millionaire yet has no health cannot be successful in real terms. Such is the underlying importance of exercise and things related to it.

Being successful and energetic can only be achieved through Patience. Where ever there is success, energy is a part and parcel of it. Both are a slow process and require time to establish .It is only a matter of understanding and paying importance to these attributes.If one can understand the symbolism of Two faces of the same coin,one can achieve great heights of success no matter what comes their way.As Carl Sandburg says;

                         Time is the coin of your life. It is the only coin you have, and only you can                                  determine how it will be spent. Be careful lest you let other people spend it for you