Hello Folks!

We often hire medical and nursing care professionals for seniors in our homes for our assistance.

But have you ever talked to these health facilitators to know about their experiences regarding the people they serve at large?

Today, I aim at laying my focus on the untold stories of these unsung heroes. So let’s start.

When these unsung heroes are hired, the motive behind is medical assistance and care needed for the senior family member but very soon, things start changing.

As the family members solely start relying on medical assistance, thereby shifting their entire responsibility on the help they are getting.

So much so that they forget that the people for whom help is sought are part of the family and require human touch and company.

Undoubtedly, health care professionals do their jobs, still, they are human and require a great time in understanding the nature of every patient.

These unsung heroes have so many untold stories that need to be told for everyone to know what is going on behind the scenes.

I, often visit old homes and meet seniors there. Their stories are an eye-opener and it often makes me shiver to the bones regarding the attitude of the children.

The world has all kinds of children from good to worst. According to the unsung heroes, there is one lot whose entire focus is towards their senior members of the family.

Yet, simultaneously, there exists another lot who lives in the same house with children and grandchildren but none are in contact with the senior ones.

Then there is another lot who have settled abroad and take care of the financial need but do not have the hearts to visit their old ones.

For this lot, their careers and their family is more dear than the ones who bred them and brought them in a way to be successful.

These old souls pass every second of the day waiting to see their ungrateful and selfish children without complaining till they breathe their last breath.

Most of the time, the lot does come back at the funeral to claim the assets and are least bothered about the departed soul.

There are very few among this lot who are really ashamed of what they have done and spent their lives to make up for the loss that was caused due to them.

But, most of them keep on going in their busy lives until life starts paying them back in the same coin.

This, my friend, is life. What shall one sow, so shall one reap.

In the end, I would like to ask all the people out there who have living seniors in their homes or care centers, own them, and spend time with them before it’s too late.

Don’t let sand pass through the time and make you reap for your deeds. Earn prayers from these people even if they are not your own. There is a great blessing in serving those who don’t have anyone.

If Heaven is beneath the feet of a mother, then just think what countless blessings await you while serving one or many. Think about it.

Until next time, stay safe and healthy.

Happy Reading!