Hello Folks!


Have you ever thought about the Want of a woman? Today, I will give you an insight into the want in a woman’s life. So let’s start.


Firstly, Wants may differ from women to women but mostly it’s the same thing that every woman wants.


Like men, women too feel the need of being loved either by family or husband or friends or someone near to her heart.


Secondly, she needs acceptance to do things of her own free will. This I believe and strongly propagate is the freedom that every woman needs and feels to feel complete.


Thirdly, a woman wants people around her to recognize her capabilities rather than her beauty. Obviously, who doesn’t like appreciation but again the thinking differs from person to person.


The same is the case with women. She would want people to appreciate her for her work rather than passing romantic comments about her looks and appearance.


Fourthly, a woman seeks the company of good friends who will add positivity to their lives. Not someone who will bring them down with their negativity.


Not that she can’t handle negativity but why put someone through this demise anyway?


Fifthly, those women who tie a knot, wants a husband to be hers only. She is ready to share him with her inlaws and people who are an important part of his life. But for the rest, she can be a total stranger.


It is often said about women that she can be a wax for the man she loves and for the rest she is none other than a stone.


So, my friends those of you who approach women or married women always keep this in mind that she may talk to you or communicate with you on a professional basis or as a good human being but will not let you take the place of the one that she loves or is committed to.


Sixth, a woman wants people to stop taking her for granted. She may or may not like talking about certain things in her or other people’s lives. Still, no one has the right to mess up her brain with futile talks and exaggerations.


And lastly, a woman wants room to breathe. Breathe out the toxics caged inside her. If you want to play your role in a women’s life become that path that allows her to breathe, not a fungus that kills her eventually.


Think about it. Until next time, stay safe and healthy.


Happy Reading!