serves:  As many as you make


Can use Mano Salwa parathas/plain parathas/Dawn parathas/pita bread

Chocolate spread( homemade or Nusa/Nutella



sandwich maker/waffle maker/spoon


10 minutes


Take a paratha and spread a spoon full of spread on the paratha.

Then cover it with another plain paratha.

To make it extra crispy, put another layer of chocolate spread on the plain side

Now fold the paratha in half if you are using a sandwich maker or depending on the shape of the waffle maker.

Do spray or brush a little butter or margarine on the plates of the maker.

Now, bake the parathas until the light turns green or you can see them fluff up

Now, dish them out on a plate and allow them to cool for some time. You don’t want to burn your throat.

When they are cooled you can either enjoy them with more chocolate spread or even a creamy vanilla ice cream.

It is a yumm………y. treat for your sweet tooth.

Happy Eating.