Hello Folks!

Isn’t it remarkable to see children growing confident and the best part is when someone compliments the parents on raising confident children.

Today, I aim to discuss tips on how every child can be raised in a way to become confident and be successful in life. So let’s start.

Firstly, Nature has a great role to play in fostering and nurturing children.Thereby, turning them into confident children.

How? I will show you shortly.

Secondly, children are curious by nature and need something to explore.Where do you think will they find the best exposure?

You are right. In nature.

Thirdly, children love to do things in unstructured ways unlike the grown ups who want everything organized.

Their unstructured plays will ultimately lead them to confident children in the later years of life.

Fourthly, another tribute to nature is,excursions in nature.This too helps make children confident.

Camping and learning to survive in nature are some of the activities that have a lot to contribute in building up confidence in children.

Fifthly, any activity related to picking in orchard farms or breaking off fruits or berries from hanging trees too help in making children confident.

Sixth, children require movement.Sitting on the couch all day playing games and watching programs affects the overall health.

A good run outside in the park or painting or jumping or even walking or cycling works miracles in the overall personality of children.

Seventh,to use technology in one’s favour comes as an advantage in many scenarios.

For instance, while taking children to an exploring adventure ask them to explore the theme and what they might be looking for .

Eighth,if you are to inculcate the love of vegetables and fruit in children,let them plant their own garden and look after them.You will be amazed to look at the results.

Ninthly, if you want your children to be confident and responsible, get them any domestic pet and tell them to take care of it all by themselves.

You will never regret your decision.

Lastly, being out in nature is a great source of reduction in stress and fatigue.It comes as a Therapy altogether.

Children who have more exposure to nature are prone to be more confident, more immunised against diseases and more happy in life.

In the end, I would like to say that man is born in the state of nature;entailing within us all. Now, is the time we should start exploring nature and start learning from it.

All solutions to our problems lie in Nature.We just need to open our third eye and see it.

Think about it.Until next time stay Happy and safe.