Hello Folks!

We are so struck in our day to day chores that we forget about the little gestures that make life worth living.This keeps on reminding me of Words Worth poem; ” we have no time to stand and stare…”

So here,I am today to talk about the times we spent as siblings.The bonding/relationship between a brother and sister is one of its kind.A beautiful yet sacred relation.Yet it varies; sibling to sibling.

A good bonding/relationship is always based on the people in your surrounding.If one gets positive vibes from the surroundings, the relationships will be of a different kind.

If there are negatives vibes in the surroundings, so would it effect the bonding/relationships.

Let us try to dive deep between the bonding/relationship of a brother and sister.I have often observed that relationship has a lot to do with number placements within a core family.

A boy who is elder than the other siblings will altogether act in a different way.More responsible,independent, caring and organized.This is because of the models he would be having in front of him.

On the other hand, a boy who is second, third or even fourth in placement may act in a more different way as compared to the older siblings. More dependent,loving, caring and protective.

Whatever the number placements, all brothers have their own way of expressing their love and care for their sisters.

Most of the time they are observed being fighting on trivial issues such as why did she take my car? or This is my teddy bear.And the sisters would say that mommy, daddy bought it for all.

This is the time when their arguing skills are developing and it is best not to intervene.Let them come up with a solution.If they need your assistance, they will definitely approach you.

Till then sit back and relax;but do keep your ears open just in case things get out of hand.

Then, i have seen brothers and sisters teasing one another.At times, it is really fun to see where do they get such ideas.We are talking about our future generations.

Here, too if you observe,you will find a lot of insight about their behaviors and how you, as a parent need to tackle them.

Often, siblings are seen spending quality time together by watching their favorite TV shows or You Tube videos or even some movie.And this is how they are bonding good relationships in the years to come.

But, what I, enjoy the most is their looking at past time games as a reminder of the times they used to have.They would indulge in it with the same zest and zeal as they used to when they were children.

Pick up any board game of that time and see the reaction of your children. I am sure you will enjoy watching as much I do.

These are simple pleasures of life and long lasting bonding’s that remain long after we are gone.

Every child and his or her relationship with their sibling is unique.As a parent, we need to foster their bonds in the most productive way without undermining the other.

They may be offended with us at times for not behaving in the way they thought us to.That my friend, is called parenthood.We all trial and experience before we learn the right tactics.

In the end, I would like to say that enjoy these bonding’s while you can.Bring out the best in yourself and others.Praise those around you in a productive way.You never know whose life depends on your single word of praise or motivation.

Until next time, Happy Reading.