Hello Folks!


What do you think is the most difficult thing to do in life? I know, you too will be thinking of the same thing. It is Catharsis. So, today, I aim at talking about catharsis and how to deal with it. So, let’s start.


Every one of us now and then has to face the music in one or the other form. Real success is how you as an individual deal with it. Most of our pains come from our core family as compared to the outside world.


These are the pains that torment our entire being in and out. What matters at the end is how we pull through the stress and torment.


It is a sorry state of affairs when one sees blood relations turning against you on the account of finances especially when you serve the treasure as the most honest being.


Money can undoubtedly turn a friend to a foe and blood relations to your worse enemies. As an individual, I have seen and heard people killing their sacrosanct relatives for the love of money.


The more you have it, the less you think about the feelings and pains of the other.


Those of you who have a less amount of money, be contented with it, and don’t ask for more because you have not seen the worst it can bring out of you.


And even if you do ask for it, never forget from where you started; as a reminder always help us in achieving ultimate goals and making us realize who our real well-wishers are.


Always rely on your sole self without looking at the hands of other people. During your life journey, you may come across many good people. Be welcoming to them and accept them for you never know they might be more truthful then your blood relations.


And rely on your capabilities and the help of God. For all happens in this life and the hereafter at His will.


The trapped emotions and pain can only find their way out in the form of Catharsis. Now it’s up to you how you make way for it. The most productive way is to let it out in the form of tears.


All your sorrows and pain will be out in no time and you will feel lighter.


Also, talk to someone you trust. Someone who is a good listener. Someone who knows you and can understand your emotions and pain. Not everyone wants to know your pain.


Some will share your pain but will want something in return. Be aware of the kind. You might be walking in a dead-end before you know it.


Crying, my friends is not a weakness. It only shows that you are a human and can feel the bullshit of people.


So whenever, you can’t handle the pressure just let tears trickle down your cheeks and let it out.


You should always know that there is no power greater than God Himself. Revert to Him. He will answer your prayers and pay you in the most unexpected forms.


Think about it. Until next time, stay safe and Healthy.


Happy Reading!