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Everyone wants to lead a happy Healthy life free from mental health issues.

Have you ever thought about ageing women or the mental and physiological issues they might have?

Today, we are going to talk about Ageing women and the issues related to them.So let’s start.

The Ageing women form a forgotten group in the health and social policies of most governments.

The case is the same with women in South Asia.Their quality of life is poor.

Almost,all over the world,women outlive men.However, their rights to inheritance and pension is not generally provided for.

Let us dive deep to analyze issues related to Ageing women.

Firstly, Women fulfill an important role in society by taking care of the young and management of the household etc., without catering for their overall health.

Secondly, the health of the Ageing women is affected  by the social isolation they have to face after the loss of a partner.

Along with disability related limitations.

Thirdly, Ageing women in developing countries endure extreme levels of poverty due to insecurity of income,famine,disasters,warfare and no or minimum access to facilities.

Fourthly, many societies expect Ageing women to keep working and earn for the younger generation.

Without providing them the social status or voice in decision making processes.

Fifthly, Meno-pause too has serious health issues for Ageing women.The meno-pause has both short term and long term effects on their health.

Hot flashes,leakage of Urine, Thinning of Hair and less Depression occur as short term problems related to meno-pause.

On the other hand, Cardio-vascular,Osteoporosis,Alziemer’s disease and Breast cancer are related to long term effects of meno-pause.

Sixthly,though there is greater emphasis laid on Maternal health,but the health of Ageing women is not accounted for.

Most women die due to Cancer,Cardio-Vascular disease,Malnutrition,Anemia,Visual impairment and other kinds of Disabilities.

Seventh,one of the major issues with Ageing women is Depression.There is a general belief that women are more prone to psychiatric problems as compared to men.

The reason behind this is due to their life experiences which make them vulnerable to mental distress.

They receive more psychotropic drugs as tranquilizers,sleeping pills and anti depressants.

Gender Discrimination is mostly viewed in the treatment of men and women.Where men might be treated by a specialist doctor,women are treated by general practitioners.

And Lastly, I would like to say that giving women a psychiatric label is to ignore the underlying causes of their unhappiness and reason for distress.

The mental and health issues of Ageing women can be addressed through proper health care and social service systems.

Systems that cater for their loneliness and isolation.

Similarly, Ageing women need to be dealt in a proper way as they are the custodian of the youth.

If they are healthy and positive- minded,they will give a brighter tomorrow.

Think about it.

Until next time,stay safe and healthy.

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