To have a successful life, we need to incorporate healthy on the go snacks. As an individual, I would never recommend, just pick and fetch snacks on the go. Rather, I would recommend snacks which everyone can prepare the night before or even in the morning. There are so many things to prepare. Can be fruit bars, or dark chocolate cookies, or smoothies, or vegetables stuffed. Whatever, it is, it has to be healthy. Let us discuss some of the healthy snacks that one can take with them.


Firstly, one should always make a time table on weekly basis as what is their schedule in the coming week; whether they will have ample time to cook a detailed meal or not. If schedule is very hard to make for the regular meals, then we all fall back on the healthy snacks. Since we all live in an age where time is running, we have to look after our dietary requirements. Smoothies are quicker to prepare and full of energy and antioxidants. One can always freeze a fruit a night before and early morning prepare a smoothie by adding mint or nuts to it.


Secondly, one can make a seasonal fruit salsa and take it to one’s working place or so. Fruits not only fill the stomach but have great nutritional value as well. They also satisfy the sweet tooth because they have natural sugars in them. Even fruit bars are a treat. They are simple and easy to prepare. You can simply prepare them in a microwave or even without one. I will share some of my favorite recipes in the article related to how to prepare healthy snack recipes?


Thirdly, cookies are something every kid and adult likes to eat. For a conscious adult, cookies combined with dark chocolate and nuts are just yum. Keeping in mind the calories intake, one can always combine their favorite nuts or berries with the chocolate. Even thinking about it, makes my mouth water. This is one of a healthy go snacks.


Fourthly, Chia  pudding too is fulfilling and has quite a good amount of fiber, proteins and minerals to provide energy. Chia seeds can either be used alone or accompanied by blue berries, banana and almonds. One can add a variety according to ones liking and through exploring. Only through exploring and experimenting can one find ones liking and what one may be allergy too.


Fifthly, if one has a savory tooth, one can always make a chicken pea and black bean salsa. It not only fills the stomach but also gives energy to carry out daily activities. Both these pulses keeps the hunger away for a long time. One can also bake them and use in the form of bars.


Sixthly, boiled eggs stuffed in tomatoes, slightly seasoned and baked are excellent go on snacks. They are fulfilling and nutritious. Eggs have great health benefits and are a good source of vitamins. They are good for even weight loss. And  tomatoes too have a great many health benefits; one mainly, it detoxifies the body and works well on the skin and prevents eye diseases.


Lastly, one can also prepare yogurt fruit pops, refrigerate them and take with them where ever one goes. It is not only unique but is altogether an experience worth remembering. All snacks if they serve the right purpose; which is a healthy life can become a successful life.


Healthy on go snacks, are not something one can find on the shelves. They need to be prepared on a hygienic level as well as home prepared and freshly made lasting for 3 to 5 days maximum. Plus, these snacks should be free from any kind of preservative. Only, then can we call such snacks healthy on the go snacks leading to have a successful life.