Hello Folks!

Life is simple yet it can become complicated at times especially when children /teens face school problems. Today, I aim at talking about school problems that children face. So let’s start.

School is said to be the next lap after a mother’s lap but unfortunately, many schools fail to provide that safe lap as compared to a mother’s lap. The moment a child enters a school he/she is exposed to the external world.

The first shock that a child receives is the difference between reality and what he/she is told right from the beginning about schools. All the dreams start shattering as children start realizing the reality of school.

The second problem that children face is the difficulty in making friends. Every child is coming from a different background and schools might not be well equipped to make every child apt to the environment or make them feel less miserable than they already are.

The third problem that children face is the problem of bullying. Every child is not a born leader or may not have the strength to stand up for themselves. Here, too, the administration seems to fail desperately in acknowledging and resolving the problems of bullying.

There are very few institutions in Pakistan that have zero tolerance towards bullying. Others are benefitting from them. They are enjoying this benefit in the name of clientele.

The fourth problem the children face in schools is Nepotism. It is rarely seen that a staff child may be of outstanding caliber as compared to other children. Although exceptions are always there.

But most of the time, a faculty staff-child is given the undue privilege as compared to a hard-working student. This attitude of the school administration devoids the confidence of a hard-working student for life. For he/she knows in that particular system, he/she cannot excel with the lot.

The fifth problem children face in schools is regarding grouping. The groups in school gain the favour of certain faculty staff and enjoy benefits whereas others are at a disadvantage. This attitude is mostly witnessed at the time of school elections and other co-curricular activities.

The need of the time is to have fair and accountable elections if a scenario arises.

The sixth problem children face in schools is regarding the food provided in the canteen. Most of the food is junk which altogether is injurious for the health of any child. There should be a balance between the foods served in the school keeping in view the dietary habits of every child. Plus a separate canteen is needed for the junior and senior level.

The seventh problem that children face in schools is regarding the mixing of young and old boys, especially at off times. Mostly the transport areas are the most neglected areas where young children can become easy prey to older children not to mention the van drivers.

The eighth problem that children face in schools is regarding settlements issue. Most of the times the faculty is not trained according to the requirement of a specific child’s need. Every school requires the services of trained counsellors who knows his/her job and can guide the children accordingly.

And lastly, every child needs a conducive environment to excel in life. If there is no or less conducive environment for the development of a child then we are looking in for trouble. The impact may be deep and take another few years to bring the child back to normal again. Think about it. Until next time, stay safe and healthy.

Happy Reading.