Hello Folks!

Today, I aim to talk about Professional Jealousies. It is heart burning when you see the most capable of professionals engulfed with this disease. Today, I will address this ailment and how to keep away from it. So let’s start.

Being human and socially extroverts, most of us have the curiosity of learning new things. And it is the love for learning that brings us across all types of individuals in particular the professionally jealous kind.

They may greet you in the first place and tell you all sorts of fancy things regarding their profession. Once you start questioning then, would you only be encountered with such talk that will automatically help you in taking a firm decision.

A few days back, I too, was encountered with such an incident. And it left a very bad taste in my mouth. So instead of letting it absorbed deep down in me and pollute me with negative thoughts, I decided to share it with all my readers.

And in particular, those people who want to keep on learning. Never be discouraged, no matter how many times you are slighted by people. Keep on pursuing what you want to pursue in life. Don’t worry about the odds.

Don’t let the so-called professional people be judgemental, just because you are asking questions. Questions my friend is a good thing. It only shows you think, observe, and have the curiosity to know more about it.

The private sectors are always hunting for talented, innovative, and honest people.

And frankly, a lot of people are suffering due to the attitude of so-called professionals who in order, to address their insecurities can easily turn a humble person into a rage monster.

Never let the self die in you, just because you have become a victim of professional jealousy. Pursue your passion and move on with dignity.

Every one of us is here on this planet to understand our purpose and to do good to others. When you have the idea of doing good, then there is no space left for professional jealousy.

Each of us will ultimately find our right way stumbling and experimenting but if you come across the professionally jealous lot, change your path. You will eventually find the right people on your road to success.

In the end, I would like to say that status of rich and poor is given by God but respect is earned. Do not let anyone take that away from you. Be excellent in your field; one of a kind but do not let the power get to your brain.

The more humble you are, the more respect you have. Treat everyone at par without developing prejudices and categorizing people as “lip pickers”. Your destiny is decided by the creator and no one can change that.

But, my friend, you can change the way people take you. Think about it.

Until next time, stay Safe and Healthy.

Happy Reading!