Serves: 2-4 persons (depending on appetite)




01 packet spaghetti of your choice(Chinese noodles,macaroni elbow,twisted,etc.,)

01- 02 capsicum green

02-03 green chillies, finely chopped

01 medium-sized onion (can use green onion too)

01 -02 carrots

1/2 kg chicken

black pepper according to taste

salt according to taste

chicken stock as needed(powder form)

01 cup of water

oil as needed



a deep wok or pan, flat spoon for tossing, spoon for tasting, fork for tossing



Take a deep pan and put some oil in it on a low flame.

Now put your chopped onions into the wok and stir them.

when the onion starts changing its colour start adding the chopped chicken cubes along with green chillies

when the chicken starts becoming white, add the chopped vegetables in it.

Stir all for 2-3 minutes with a medium flame now.

Now is the time to add your spices(salt, pepper, stock (chicken).

Now cover the deep wok or pan with a lid for 2-3 minutes.

when 2-3 minutes have passed, put your packet of spaghetti or whatever noodles you have in the pan.

Put about 01 cups of water in the pan. Stir all the ingredients and use the spoon to taste if some spice is less.

If so add some of it. Now cover the pan and leave it until water starts boiling and your spaghetti’s start changing their colour.

Pull out one strand of spaghetti and check it with a spoon. If it breaks easily, then it is done and if not reduce the flame to a very low level and let it rest there for 10 min.

After 10 minutes check the noodles again. I  am sure they would have been cooked by this time.

Now is the final stage, the tossing stage.

You do not want to ruin your hard work while tossing. So the best way is to toss it with a fork or take two flat wooden spoons and mix with a gentle hand.

There you go, your delicious, juicy spaghetti is ready to serve.

You can either eat it with a tangy and sweet barbeque sauce or ketchup or as it is.

It is simply a wow experience.



Always use extra oil to make it juicier.

for a stock, you can also use the Knorr stock available in the supermarket but then you have to use less salt while cooking or else it would become too bitter

For spaghetti always use a less amount of water as a greater volume of water may result in making a mash of the spaghetti.

you can also use vegetables of your choice and availability.


Happy Eating!