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 We often come across the term Drug Abuse and its Effects on women.Today, I will talk in detail about it.

So, next time if any of your loved one is facing it, you are in a position to help them out.So let us start.

Let us dive deep into understanding,what actually is Drug Abuse?

Using a drug for other than what it originally was intended for is called drug misuse.It includes taking more or less of a prescribed drug or using an outdated or a friend’s prescription.

The first reason of Drug Abuse among women is a way of copying with the stress they are facing in their lives.

Secondly,some drugs have side effects that alter the appetites and bodily functions.

Drugs such as Ecstasy(MDMA) or Speed can result in loss of weight and appetite.

Thirdly,women are more likely than men to take substance abuse other than men following crises. Such as miscarriage,divorce,unemployment and depression.

Fourthly, Older women are more likely than old men to self medicate with alcohol and prescribed drugs in order to deal with loneliness,financial insecurity and loss of a spouse.

Fifthly, women who are into Drug Abuse use it for improving their moods,reduce sexual inhibitions or even boost their confidence.

These are the most likely reasons for Drug Abuse among women.However,the Effects of Drug Abuse outweigh them all.Let us have a look on the Effects of Drug Abuse.

Firstly,Opiates, stimulators and tranquilizers all effect in a different way.

Women are at more risk from heat stroke than men as they have a different water/fat ratio in their bodies.

So even if both consume the same amount of drug; due to different chemical makeup ,the effects are different altogether.

Secondly, women experience hormonal changes throughout their lives from puberty to pregnancy and ultimately to menstruation.

During all these stages she needs medication to meet her bodily needs for repair.

In all these phases, the drugs affect the women in different ways.

Thirdly, women are more prone to develop dependency on drugs as compared to men.

Fourthly, women who are prone to smoking may end up in an increased level of hypertension,cirrhosis,drain damage, lung cancer and respiratory diseases.

Fifthly, the repeated use of any drug can lead towards Habituation.It gives enhanced pleasure to the user leading to reduction in stress levels,fear and anxiety.

Sixth, snorting cocaine too can alter the mindset altogether.

Drugs taken at a crowded noisy party are different and have different effects as compared to the ones taken in, at intimate, quiet events.

Seventh,the excessive use of Drug Abuse like alcohol and smoking affects a pregnant woman and it’s child. 

Eighthly, Drugs cause physical dependence in women which changes their body cells causing an overpowering constant need for it. 

And if not taken,then the user develops severe anxiety, extreme nausea and intense craving for the drug.

And Lastly, tolerance is the body’s mechanism to fight the effects of the drug.the continued use of a drug increases the tolerance of the body.

This leads towards toxicity in the body which may result in either permanent damage or minor or major and in some cases may even lead to death.

In the end, I would like to say that it is never too late to look for a solution to treat people from drug abuse.

There are programs like Detoxification, Therapeutic communities and Out patient drug free programs.

There should be awareness programs and informal decision makings from Drug Abuse to the general public.

A campaign focussed on women should be carried on the local,state and International level with the title “NO TO DRUGS”. 

Think about it.

Until next time stay safe and Healthy.

Happy Reading.


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