Do not exhaust your money and energy with the products people say are available for weight loss with no side effects. I will tell you some of the hard learned secrets which will give you results with no illnesses yet more success. If you can follow these 5 tips, you will thank me later. Let’s discuss them one by one.

Firstly, you need to make a list of good friends. You might be thinking what do friends have got to do with weight loss, though they are indirectly involved in your health but here I am not talking about people rather I am talking about eating and drinking healthy items. And the foremost is to be a friend of water. Water is an important component in our body and most of the functions in our body are directly affected if we do not consume a good amount of water. Drinking water before meals and early morning on an empty stomach works wonders on our system. No one can drink more than 2 -3 glasses in the morning. So do not over due it, remain moderate.

Secondly, if you want to be free from any kind of illness, then if not already switch to a healthy eating life style. Store items in your cabinets which are nutritious yet healthy. A diet filled with the right amount of Proteins, fibers, minerals, nuts etc., will give you what you are looking for; weight loss. A healthy  platter on your table, filled with fruits, pulses and vegetables will keep the illnesses away for a longer period of time.

Thirdly, you might be familiar with the concept of fasting. It is very popular among the Muslim countries and is observed for a whole month that is 30 days in the Holy month of Ramzan. I would not go into the details rather what I am trying to reiterate here is the benefits it has on the body. The work, detox diets do on the body, fasting alone is sufficient to do that work. One can observe fast for a couple of hours and then eat something healthy. It might be difficult in the start especially for those who have never tried it before. Overall, it is a workable tip for weight loss.

Fasting is one of the best ways to eliminate the toxins present in the body for quite some time. You will feel like a new person and love yourself. But you have to be open to other culture practices.

Fourthly, try eating slowly. Consume a healthy diet but eat it slowly by chewing every morsel of food. Do not rush while eating. Why?  The reason is by chewing slowly, the food will be easily processed in the stomach without putting much pressure on the stomach to do the work. And also you will be training your mind to eat less. The more hurriedly you eat your food, the more time is required in digestion which in turns put a lot of pressure on the stomach to digest it. So the result would be when it is time for your lunch or dinner, there still would be food sitting in your stomach; not leaving any room for the newly eaten food. As a result you will feel bloated and feel like throwing up leading to an illness, obviously. So eat slowly, eat healthy and eat less.

And Lastly, try to inculcate appropriate exercises in your daily routine for 15 minutes or even 30 minutes. Divide the slots for the exercises to be done. Like you can do one set waking up in the morning ;yet another set while you are at work or even after office time or as the case may be.

If you would inculcate these 5 tips in your life, I assure you, you will lose weight and you will not face illness. Stay happy and healthy.