Hello Folks!

Recently, I came across The GEN Z, and by the time, I was through talking with them, my head was spinning. You must be thinking, what could have they said to make my head spin. So today, I will share with you the views of teens/Youth now called The GEN Z.

Firstly, Gen Z, have their views regarding the parent’s generations. They have coinage words to describe us. For instance, parents born in the ’40s and ’60s are categorized as Baby Boomers.

Similarly, those belonging to the late ’60s and early ’80s are known as Generation X. And those belonging to the ’80s and late ’90s are categorized as Millenials.

And finally, the post Millenials are categorized as GEN Z.

Secondly, they consider themselves to be high tech when it comes to software and gaming and so. If they are very generous, they might categorize us as NOOB or Pro. However, the title of Hacker or god cannot be assigned to you for you do not belong to their clan.

Thirdly, the GEN Z, have assumed your role as parents. To them, every parent is a child and they are their parent. Does it bother? Yes, at times; when we draw analysis with our times, there is a huge difference in thinking.

Fourthly, the GEN Z is too much monetized. They think everything in terms of money and has calculated everything from A to Z. Something to ponder upon. Think about your times. Back then we were least bothered about money. A free soul to be exact.

Fifthly, they approach you with the kindest of praises when they need a thing. Definitely, as parents and as a loving generation of our times, we always try to facilitate them but sometimes it becomes suffocating.

Many parents cannot facilitate GEN Z  and feel pressured and stressed out due to the ongoing demands of the children.

Sixthly, these are troubled times for all; especially the GEN Z. They need our guidance and due counseling to address their issues. Only then can we be successful in our training and make them a contributing factor to society at large.

In the end, I would like to say that no matter, however, we are categorized, our authority as a parent cannot be taken away. We need to educate ourselves with trending times.

Be it Tech or Education or Gaming or multitasking or time management, we have to be an all-rounder. Doesn’t matter if we are categorized as NOOBS, we can become whatever we want.

Their change in thinking regarding money matters is good for they are born in times when everything is on the high be it schooling, education, entertainment, grooming, profession, competition, etc.

They are more sensitized than we are but we too need to take off the burden from their shoulders by facilitating them as back supporters. In the end, what matters is the outcome, nothing else. So dear friends, parenting is an ongoing process and we are all in the mode of continuous learning.

Think about it. Until next time, stay Safe and Healthy.

Happy Reading.