Hello Folks!


Today, I aim to bring to you, a matter of grave importance to us all. There is a lot of food for thought. So let’s start.

With the ongoing COVID scenario, many of us are living below the poverty line.

Now, it’s not just one class rather it’s the public at large who are facing extreme conditions. The salaried persons are no better than the daily wagers. There was a time when a bare amount could sustain many families and yet could make fortunes out of it.

With the everyday dose of increase in price hikes i.e electricity, gas, net, telephone, and workers salary, etc., Now, the scenario is that a person having a salary ranging 50,000/- PAK Rupees to 200000/-PAK Rupees is facing problems in sustaining necessities.

These are just general expenditures. There are some expenditures beyond these which comprise ethical and empathic expenditures. And if a person fails to fulfill these expenditures, one dies every day.

Parents are the living example in this scenario. A parent takes great pride in providing necessities and all to their children whatever great or low they might have. But the present scenario has made them miserable especially when they look into their empty pockets and are embarrassed to offer what they have left.

However, the children who have seen the good and bad times together are beyond these changes and are still clung to them like honey to bees.

This is the true love of families. Despite the Economic crisis within the families, the bond of family ties has not broken instead it has strengthened.

This, however, makes me think about the present government and its policies. What are they doing in this regard? To me and to every common man, we are observing the scenario of  LOOK BUSY AND DO NOTHING.

If 20 kg of basic staple food (flour) has reached the rate of 1050/- PAK Rupees and Sugar is talking with the sky, where are we to go from here?

Whatever was the scenario in the past with other governments of the time, the public at large did not die like this. if there was a shortage of one thing the public at large was compensated with something else.

Think about it before it is too late. Until next time stay safe and healthy.

Happy Reading!