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Hello Folks!

Have you ever had the feeling of being Thrust upon something you don’t want.How do you deal with it?

Today, I will share a few things that really irritates especially when you do not want to have it in the first place. And also how to deal with it. So let’s start.

We often witness Thrusting in shopping malls where the sale person will do everything to make you buy their products.I am not against marketing strategies but I, don’t approve the way in which it is imparted.

Why drag oneself so low to get it sold. If you have a quality product, it would be sold automatically. You don’t have to sell yourself along with the product.

Secondly, are the make-up shops where this Thrust is seen at its height. Hardly, have I ever seen a make up shop where one goes and comes out without buying anything unnecessary.It’s a cult we are practicing for long.

Seriously, do you think, we really need all that make up for a single cause.Like if you go for a concealer only, you will end up buying the primer and the foundation along with the eye palatte an other accessories.Why?

The make up industry is so good at selling their products that you only know about the effects once you are out of the shop. Such a drama.

Thirdly, are the clothing shops.You are simply dazzled by seeing all that variety in the market.

And while you are deciding what mode of action you should follow, there comes someone to use their tactics of selling and thrusting upon you what they want you to buy.

I would rather say interesting selling tactics.Some will use the phrases of Literate clothes, other would coinage it with a persons name and say, wear this and your neighbour X, would be jealous.

And the most interesting thing is that sometimes the names they will use will be of the person who you think is jealous of your clothing.Its a relief for some to hear such phrases.

Fourthly, you face the Thrusting in beauty saloons.The most money minting industry, I would say.

You go for a single service and come back with a whole new look; obviously not for free rather spending tons of money on things you can easily  do on your own at the comfort of your own home.

Here, too the sales person are using their tactics to brain wash the clients and mint money out of their pockets for simple services.

Fifthly, are the jewellery shops where Thrusting takes place in such a way that you , yourself do not know what is being done to you.

You only know that you want that particular thing or jewel and your mind fails to work and looks for alternatives.

Sixth, are the Gyms, where Thrusting is seen at its peak. One goes to the gym for a specific purpose but here too, one is extorted to the maximum.If plan A, can work well for the client, still plan B and C would be Thrusted upon the client as a compulsion.

And the client would be convinced to the extent of being totally brainless. What else can I say.

Seventh, are people belonging to institutions offering various courses. Here, you will face a lot of Thrusting.

You want to learn a specific course but you will be offered multiple bundles. These bundles will only waste your time and money without adding anything positive to your learning.

So be really alert when you are being Thrusted upon such bundles. Or else you know what will happen.

And Lastly, are the medical professionals. You go for the treatment of a single disease but are diagnose with multiple ones.How?

In order to diagnose you with what you already know, you will have to give a zillion tests before they can diagnose you and give you their prescription.

And believe me, you will be convinced to your gut what they are saying is true.They are the Philosopher’s king who know all.

In the end I would like to say that dear friends , you have a sound mind that works very well.If you can read this blog, you can easily know when you are being Thrusted upon.

You have the power of walking out of it without any external help.

Let no one tell you what will look good on you or how much accessories you need to be happy or even Thrust themselves upon you.

You, can take this decision on your own.Think about it. Until next time, stay safe and healthy.

Happy Reading!


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    1. Thank you so much for your feedback. Do check out the latest posts as well and pour in your valuable suggestions.

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