Hello Folks!

Nowadays, Children/Teens are going through a lot which is shaping their minds for the days to come or may be for the years to come.

Today, I aim to discuss some of the things that teens are doing in these times.So let us start.

Firstly, the teens are using this time as an advantage to their already acquired skills.

They are more focused in reading about their favorite characters or theme based stories that appeals them.Such as Harry Potter or World War II, events.

Secondly,the off time from school, is helping them in getting back to track regarding their selection of subjects and future endeavors.

Thirdly, most of the teens altogether hate the idea of Home works.If only they could devise a better way to get through it in a shorter time.

Fourthly, not going out to have their favorite foods like KFC,Pizza,or even ice-cream.

They have become innovative themselves by trying out different You tube recipes and food channels recipes to satisfy their taste buds.

Fifthly,they are the same teens who earlier would have wanted their mums to do the cleaning of everything but now they too are willing to participate and share the burden.

Sixth,they want to go back to their schools and communities and work toward a new outlook.They dream of decorating their lockers finally.

Seventh,our teens have started opting for new levels of creativity such as doodling or Animation or decorative arts.

Eighth,they now demand more time as compared to the past.It is a good start altogether.

And Lastly, Teens nowadays, are more responsive and intellect as compared to old times.They are a way ahead of their parents.

Now, is the time to start investing in your children in terms of time and communication and start treating them as Adults.

You as parent can become their best friends and give them the assurance that they can come to you, no matter what the situation is.

Think about it.

Until next time, stay safe and healthy.