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Long time since my last post. I have missed you all tremendously. Today, I aim at bringing to your real-life experiences, the entity named women/girl/daughter/sister/wife, etc., faces at large.

A thorough violation of Human Rights. https://www.hrw.org/world-report/2021/country-chapters/pakistan#  So let’s start.

With the backdrop of incidents going on in my part of the world, a question that keeps occurring in my mind and others ‘ too, is when will the time, in reality, come when I too will breathe again.

The events that have been taking place for the past many weeks are so traumatizing for the concerned that they have made our everyday lives a living hell.

And you know what the most pinching thing is that the authorities know who is at fault yet they do a lip service settling it under the carpet?

My question for the literate and illiterate alike is that when will the time come when the woman is not the target and the blame game will end?

Till which time will the degeneration of values come to an end. https://www.sabahataamir.com/degenerating-values-and-the-youth/

And the so-called Human Rights will be enforced in real? Where are we heading as a nation?

Frankly, nowhere.Towards, doom. That is the place where we are going.

Unless and until the factors that are giving heed to the blame game comes to an end, we as women, can’t breathe in this polluted society.

With the ever-growing series of events, many highs positioned, and career-oriented women are sitting in their homes.

Either they are relying on passive income or facing the daily blame game for not being good enough to run a home or bring up well-mannered children.

Where is it written that bringing up children is only the responsibility of a woman? In our part of the world, the rules only apply to the female Gender who are blamed for everything especially using her brain.

As a man, you should actually be thankful, there is someone who has a brain in the mind that thinks and not a penis that works for one’s pleasure only.

This is our society at large. Here only 10% would be the ones who really have a brain instead of a thinking penis.

The rest is the cult, only following their penis’, violating the respect and self of a woman, and being defended and set free at the end of the day.

As a woman, I fail to breathe at the hands of this male chauvinist society where a minor girl wearing an abaya is raped and it is the fault of the girl because her clothes were inviting.

In an Islamic country, how can a fully covered body be entertaining and inviting to be raped?

Nonetheless, our national dress is the shalwar kameez, which is mostly a fully covered dress. How can such a dress invite the oppressors to harass a woman? It is simply madness to this blame game.

Being an influencer, or activist of an ambassador or officer or a prime Minister, etc., does not entitle a male entity to go beyond all moral standards and display an act of animosity where the only thing working is their penis’.

The need of the time is a changed mindset and the end to the blame game. How can one expect the youth of today to be leaders of the future?

The time demand the male gender to be raised as a responsible citizen https://www.sabahataamir.com/tips-on-grooming-boys-sons-part-i/ and not as a burden on the society.

If society as a whole takes the responsibility of keeping an eye on the wrong and reporting it on time instead of watching and being a spectator to the ongoing crime, only then can women/girls, at large be able to breathe again.

As a mother, a wife, an activist, an educationist, I see the fear penetrating everywhere especially within girls as to whether going out of their house walls can be their last day?

Did we bear, our girls for this day to see the cruel, animous and faceless, face of this society?

Or did we demand a separate home where we can live in a land which we can call our own and practice the charter of human rights?

If this is going to be the cost of demanding our birthright then give us the necessary tools too, to keep ourselves and our kind safe too.

And if the authorities can’t do that then give your places to those who can in reality serve their duty or wait for Revolutions to take place. As there is a limit to the blame game. Think about it before it is too late.

Until next time, stay safe and healthy.

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