Hello Folks!

I often wonder why people do what they do? The profession or hobbies that they pursue etc., So today, I aim to delve deep into Why do I write? So let’s start.

Firstly, writing helps me in connecting with my audience irrespective of their age, color, creed, etc. It helps me in communicating with them as a whole without pinpointing any single person.

Secondly, for me, writing is not merely for writing purposes. There is so much that is going on in my head at the time of writing. So many ideas, stories of real people waiting to be written and let known to the world.

Each story and idea has its own uniqueness to be shared with the audience out there. And that triggers me to write.

Thirdly, I write as it is my way of interpreting the world, society, people, environment, and questions surrounding me. I look, observe, talk, and try to drive conclusions to the questions engulfing my mind.

Sometimes. I am successful in finding answers to all my queries and sometimes my queries leave an open-ended answer for the audience to ponder upon.

Fourthly, I write because my writing depicts who I am and what I am capable of. It does not need acceptability from people who don’t understand what my aim is.

It is for sensitive, yet mature people who are facing one sort or the other sort of problems in their day to day life and looking for a solution or just to have a view at someones else view about life.

Fifthly, I write as it is my way of catharsis regarding coping up with life, its follies, intricate relationships, etc, and looking for ways to ease the pain.

And perhaps, this makes me, very sensitive to the pains of others around me. That’s why, I give an open invitation to people to come forward and share their stories if they want.

Sixth, I write as I have a mind of my own where feelings and emotions are more important to me rather than filter thoughts. I say what is at the top of my mind and so do I practice the same.

My mind and tongue are aligned along with the words that I put on a piece of paper. So it is often hard to digest.

Seventh, I write, because I am my own boss and I do not take orders from anyone. I do improve by the sincere efforts of my audience but do not infiltrate my work with bogus stats or stuff that is useless.

And Lastly, I write because I feel no one deserves to be lonely. If my work in any way can give them moments of joy, it is worth the effort, I put in every piece.

In the end, I would like to say that all professions are noble.No matter what you pursue, do it with full commitment and passion. Bring out the best in you and along the way, do not forget those who are the reason for your success.

Enjoy each day, every second of the day with the gratitude you have another day to live among those who understand you and own you, Think about it.

Until next time, stay safe and healthy.

Happy Reading!