• carrotsĀ  (5kg), peeled and chopped
  • sugar 1- 1/2 cup
  • cardomon 4-5
  • dry fruits (pistachio, almonds, dried grapes/kishmish, cashew, etc., a handful of each)or as required
  • milkĀ  1-1/2 liter
  • water 1-2 cup
  • dry milk powder 1 cup or khoya (fermented milk)
  • oil/desi ghee/ghee 1-1/2 cup or as required




Deep large pan, wooden spoon, stove, match, flat spoons, peeler, chopper, or hand grater




Depends on the availability of gas/electricity




  • Take the deep pan and put all the carrots in it
  • Then put, cardamon, sugar, milk, and water in the pan
  • Turn on the flame to a medium-range and let all cook till softened and milk nearly evaporated
  • Now put in oil/ghee and keep tossing it till all milk evaporates leaving behind only oil and sweet aroma of carrots
  • In the final moments mix all the dried fruits of your choice
  • If you add khoya or dried powder, it will enrich its taste and your hours of hard work would be shown in its taste